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Comment How to get to the heart of this. (Score 2, Insightful) 379

I'm sure it's no picnic to have to deal with Time Warner. My cable company is Charter, and there is no joy there either. But let's cut straight to the quick:

After the year we have had, with deflation raging and with the consequent loss of jobs and other economic suffering all around, for anyone to demand a fee increase from anyone over anything is an OUTRAGE.


Submission + - The Future of Reading

rubato writes: Mark Pilgrim, best known as author of Dive Into Python, has composed a little "Play In Six Acts" called The Future of Reading , which in a minimum number of words exposes the dark nature of the Amazon Kindle, an e-book reader which might as well have been inspired by the wet dreams of the RIAA or the MPAA.

Essential reading, especially for those who still think that all technological advances are necessarily for the good.

Submission + - New Ubuntu Based Collaboration Server (

Christian Egle writes: "Open-Xchange today announced a new "Out of the box" email and collaboration software integrating Ubuntu 6.06. The package called Open-Xchange Express Edition is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses and offers a complete email and collaboration solution in one simple installation package. The installation process involves a series of basic questions that guide the administrator to a fully functional server. There is no requirement to install an operating system, a database, Apache server, anti-virus, anti-spam or backup/recovery, and there is no requirement to know Linux. Maintenance is easy because there is a built-in system updater that handles the operating system, middleware, application and utilities. The AJAX-based web interface provides drag and drop in all views, right-click menus, context driven ribbons and icons, shared calendars, contacts, tasks and documents.

A free unlimited evaluation version is available at"


Submission + - Academia & Open Sources (

simstick writes: FROM WASHINGTON Academia & Open Sources On the sixtieth anniversary of the National Security Act, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is holding a conference on Open Sources. This morning's session examines the ways academic institutions, which work with "open" or non-covert, non-secret information, can work with the intelligence community. MON., C-SPAN2, 9:30AM ET. Online viewing available.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linspire 6.0 Released (

An anonymous reader writes: From the Linspire homepage: 'It begins, where the others end.' Starting with the best that open source has to offer, Linspire adds CNR, proprietary software drivers, and codecs to provide 'the world's easiest desktop Linux'.
[Oh by the way, we're also powered by Ubuntu. cough].
Linspire: Does it begin where the others end or begin by standing on the shoulders of so called 'high brow pirates'? ;) Arrgh!
Behold, Lindows the 6th!

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