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Submission + - Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

An anonymous reader writes: The Nobel Committee just announced that Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize, winning against 200 or more other nominees. Since the award is usually given for a long distinguished career, or lifetime achievement, what do you think about the award being given to a 1st term US president, who has less than 1 year of experience in the job? What has he done so far to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? He is the commander in chief of the US military, presiding over two current wars (Iraq and Afganistan), one in which he is increasing deployment. Quite ironic don't you think that even the world is getting caught up in the hype?

Comment Re:The paradox is evident... (Score 5, Informative) 625

It clearly shows that you have absolutely no clue of what you're talking about.

Being from Germany I can assure you that Nazi symbols are not banned from any history book or documentation or whatever. But presenting Nazi symbols in another context than education (or similar) is not allowed.

This ban helps keeping Nazis under control - you have a simple thing in your hands to kick their butts with this law and others. Additionally, regarding the well known history of Germany there is NO REASON to show, wear or use Nazi symbols other than for a) education (allowed) or b) propaganda for forces against the German democracy (disallowed).

Submission + - The Sun is Shrinking, so much for evolution? (

lamare writes: "On the site of the Institute for Creation Research there's an interesting article about the shrinking size of the sun:

"Does the size of the sun change over the years? Recently, "John A. Eddy (Harvard -Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and High Altitude Observatory in Boulder) and Aram A. Boornazian (a mathematician with S. Ross and Co. in Boston) have found evidence that the sun has been contracting about 0.1% per century...corresponding to a shrinkage rate of about 5 feet per hour." [...] How far back in the past must one go to have a sun so large that its surface touches the surface of the earth? [...] Assuming that the rate of shrinkage has not changed with time, then the surface of the sun would touch the surface of the earth at a time in the past equal to or approximately 20 million B.C. However, the time scales required for organic evolution range from 500 million years to 2,000 million years. It is amazing that all of this evolutionary development, except the last 20 million years, took place on a planet that was inside the sun. By 20 million B.C., all of evolution had occurred except the final stage, the evolution of the primate into man.""


Mayor Orders Mandatory Evacuation of New Orleans 712

Pickens writes "City officials ordered everyone to leave New Orleans beginning Sunday morning — the first mandatory evacuation since Hurricane Katrina flooded the city three years ago — as Hurricane Gustav grew into what the city's mayor called 'the storm of the century' and moved toward the Louisiana coast. 'This is the real deal. This is not a test. For everyone thinking they can ride this storm out, I have news for you: that will be one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your life,' said New Orleans mayor, C. Ray Nagin. Already, hundreds of thousands of residents had begun streaming north from New Orleans and other Gulf Coast areas stretching from the Florida Panhandle to Houston. Bush administration officials took pains not to be caught as flatfooted as they were in Hurricane Katrina, announcing that President Bush had called governors in the region to assure them of assistance and that top federal emergency officials were in the region to guide the response. 'We could see flooding that is worse than what we saw with Katrina,' said Louisiana Governor Jindal." The US Geological Survey will be running a real-time "Map of Hydrologic Impacts" to monitor flood levels, and the National Weather Service has charted direction and wind-speed probabilities. Reader technix4beos points out the need for IRC transcription of FEMA and NOAA feeds.

Submission + - Microsoft ordered to pay 1.5 Billion

Anonymous Coward writes: "CNN has it all; Microsoft ordered to pay 1.5 Billion dollars in patent infringement case. ( oft_alcatel/index.htm?eref=rss_topstories) From the article; "NEW YORK ( — A federal jury said Thursday that software maker Microsoft Corp. infringed audio patents held by Alcatel-Lucent and should pay $1.52 billion in damages. Tom Burt, Microsoft corporate vice president and deputy general counsel, said the verdict was unsupported by law or facts. TECHNOLOGY "Today's outcome is disappointing for us and for the hundreds of other companies who have licensed MP3 technology. "We will seek relief from the trial court, and if necessary appeal," Burt said. ""

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