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Comment Re:I must be old now; just don't be an idiot (Score 1) 200

Eactly, it's like when people's naked pictures leak onto the internet and there's an outcry about somone's career being ruined. I truly don't get that because last time I checked everyone had nipples and buttocks, were we supposed to believe that "famous people" didn't?

Comment Only took 13 years (Score 1) 83

It's about time. I wrote my final year physics paper on this, using quantum dots tuned to the wavelengths of RGB for flat panel displays. In 1998.

Most fun part was that I did most of the work from my bedroom, running simulations on the unix system at uni via a C app and my trusty 33.6k modem. Good times.

Comment Re:TV ain't broken? (Score 1) 839

Me too, at the moment the only real-time tv I watch is the news, and even that's not very often. Sometimes I'll manage to catch an F1 or IndyCar race, if I manage to remember, and be in my house, and not busy. TV Shows I get via bittorrent and watch when I get around to it, I'm about a year behind most series now but have plenty of HD space to keep grabbing new episodes as they come out :). My HTPC is built to look just like a standard DVD player (I repurposed the case), has a remote and boots straight into XBMC, so even the kids can operate it (my porn is not in XBMC, it's deeply buried in a nested folder structure elsewhere!)

Though this model isn't entirely new, a previous work colleague of mine only watched TV shows when they were released on DVD.

Comment Beat me to it (Score 1) 167

Have been working on something similar very very slowly: a single ASP.Net web page (which could easily be ported to PHP no doubt) that acted as a proxy web browser that encrypted its traffic using a GPG key randomly generated (or provided by the user). It'd be text only ( = no accusations of being used for child pr0n or for teh pirates) but the idea would be that anyone could drop it into their own website without having to configure it and instantly people living under opressive censoring regimes (China,Iran,US,etc.) would be able to open that web page and use it as a web browser to get to news sites and the like.

Comment Re:Ethics? (Score 1) 619

Yep, whenever I see a photo for a burger-meal or a breakfast the entire thing is shades of yellow (assuming brown counts as dark yellow): cheese (bright yellow), bread (off white tan), bacon (brown), burger (dark brown), fries/wedges/chips (yellow), chicken nuggets (tan), sausage (brown).

And then the omnivores continue to persist the myth that non-meat eaters don't get enough protein, any of you guys ever eaten a vitamin?

Comment Re:This one is easy (Score 1) 344

I think the idea with the changeover being on sunday is that you don't have to get up early (job/commitments notwithstanding).. Think of the 23 hour day in spring as an opportunity to get up at a "normal" time and go to bed an hour early. The 25 hour day on the other hand is clearly an opportunity to have an extra hour in bed on the morning. meaning both changeovers involve more sleep!

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