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Comment Re:Too bad it's one step next to useless... (Score 1) 341

I'd prefer the TV to actually be the wall so that I can watch any content at any size (full wall, or little box) or have a bunch of different stuff up, e.g. different angles on a motor race, with a timing/scoring grid too and a circuit map with trackers on. And a weather report of the same area. And Twitter.

Or watch IMAX films on it full-wall, but normal TV a sensible size.

And because it's electric paper style there'd be no black bars. And where there isn't a screen up it can show wallpaper that's actually wallpaper! Or framed family photos.

Then you can embed a clever array of cameras and have screens up that are actually mirrors. Or Skype your entire lounge with your parents, so they can watch the kids playing on the floor in front of them from the other side of the planet.

I want all of that NOW DAMMIT!

Comment About Time! (Score 1) 563

Part of what went wrong with Vista (part) was that they were aiming up the CPU/RAM upgrade curve, and no one upgraded because their computers were already Good Enough to do everything they wanted to do. I can still see the speed differences on the same (decent!) hardware between XP and Win 7 ... Granted Win 7 has a proper Administrator/Sandbox layer so I expect some slowdown but not that much.

So yeah, enough praising MS for this move, they're 7 years late with it.

Comment Re:Already been done. (Score 1) 254

And yet when I try to tell people how good the Portal games are they say "But there's no one to shoot, sooo booringgg"

Also, Mirror's Edge. I've played through it a couple of times (Where's the Sequel already!?!?!) without shooting any cops. Just seems wrong and out of character.Though on the other hand I think there should have been less fighting and more tomb raider in that game.

Maybe I'm just too neurological

Comment Re:Stupid people fear what they don't understand (Score 1) 1198

In the UK we queue for everything automatically, (tho like sibling poster describes, it's probably drilled into us) EXCEPT when there's alcohol involved, then queuing goes out the window and it's everyone for themselves.

That's a cultural thing right there,how is a foreigner supposed to know the queue-for-everything-but-beer rule? What if their culture has a queue-only-for-bagles rule?

Now who's the asshole?

Comment Re:France has a problem (Score 1) 1198

Culture indeed, us Northern European/White folk are more reserved and tend to err on the side of being non confrontational and/or apologising when things weren't even their fault (especially us english). Arabs and Africans tend to be direct and to the point, which isn't to say they're Aggressive, quite frankly I prefer it, the western Passive-Aggressive society in which I've been raised is in my opinion illogical (captain).

So yeah, when a bunch of Arabs start yelling at you and you're used to the White approach of the manager having a word with you off to the side you're going to get a culture shock.

Comment Re:Hmmmmm... (Score 1) 178

I go to a lot of gigs, and am involved in putting on gigs, and radio shows. I use facebook to follow bands, find out what's happening, prod the manager of the local gig-pub and also track events.

Love it or hate it facebook seamlessly integrates all of the above in a way that the traditional wider "this is my web page" internet never has. Microformats are pushing close to that but the drummer in a band doesn't know shit about HTML or microformats, they just want to shove some pictures of the gig on "the internet" and post an event for next saturday and invite a bunch of people who they know will spread the words to their mates.

Sometimes, admittedly, I do post pictures of food on it.

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