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Comment Re:Why are you asking permission? (Score 0) 383

Nice, we should do a Release build of that one.

Seriously, I have quite a control-freakery-micro-manager to contend with at work and this rule helps me out tons. If you try explaining something wonderful you CAN do he's not interested, if you explain something wonderful you're ALREADY doing, then he tends to get with it :)

Comment Re:iPhone dream (Score 1) 301

Rectangular devices with a touch screen and no keyboard of approximately similar dimensions existed AT LEAST A DECADE BEFORE THE iPHONE - nice of you to keep spreading the lie that Apple invented the form factor. Quite frankly, I think sticking a GSM chip in one was a dead obvious evolution, not a revolution.


Also here's a device similar to that one with a colour screen running a web browser. 4 years before the iPhone


A. Psion Fanatic

Comment Re:Build a better mouser trap. (Score 1) 219

nooooo, less buttons! One input per digit, excluding the "start"/"system" button(s) . Am I the only person who finds mouse+keyboard too complicated?

depending on the game, obviously, but in a first-person game why would you ever need more than:

1: Stick - move (click to toggle walk/run)
2: Stick - look (click to toggle zoom)
3: up (jumping,climbing,swimming = terrain sensitive)
4: down (ducking,crawling,climing, you get the idea)

5: melee attack (again, context: if you run then jump then it does a flying kick, if you're stationary and crouched it punches them in the nuts)

6: weapon 1/primary
7: weapon 2/secondary

8: weapon select (single button could be toggle, hold to pickup like halo, some other device such as wheel could be menu-like with click to pickup/drop)

9: use (press button,talk to person, pick stuff up. I remember quake doing away with this, why else would you be stood there staring at a lever? why do you need to "use" a door to open it?)

10: yell abuse

Comment Less Buttons Please (Score 1) 219

As an avid PC gamer for a decade who in the past 4+ years has defected to consoles I consistently like games with less buttons. If I need 83 buttons on my mouse plus all 100 buttons on my keyboard to play a game I'm not interested (which yes, means I'm not interested in flight sims).

For example, have an "up" button and a "down" button. DON'T have jump,climb,duck,rappel,lie-on-ground,swim-up,swim-down and shimmy-up-drainpipe buttons.

I remember spending many years playing and coding half life mods and seeing that sort of thing a lot. One mod had lie-on-ground and crouch as separate buttons (in my mod you just pressed "down" again when crouched, and double-tapping "down" when stood up worked plenty fast enough. Another that springs to mind is TFC where the Demoman had to have a seperate set-a-detpack button instead of it just being a type of grenade.

Comment Re:Too bad it's one step next to useless... (Score 1) 341

I'd prefer the TV to actually be the wall so that I can watch any content at any size (full wall, or little box) or have a bunch of different stuff up, e.g. different angles on a motor race, with a timing/scoring grid too and a circuit map with trackers on. And a weather report of the same area. And Twitter.

Or watch IMAX films on it full-wall, but normal TV a sensible size.

And because it's electric paper style there'd be no black bars. And where there isn't a screen up it can show wallpaper that's actually wallpaper! Or framed family photos.

Then you can embed a clever array of cameras and have screens up that are actually mirrors. Or Skype your entire lounge with your parents, so they can watch the kids playing on the floor in front of them from the other side of the planet.

I want all of that NOW DAMMIT!

Comment About Time! (Score 1) 563

Part of what went wrong with Vista (part) was that they were aiming up the CPU/RAM upgrade curve, and no one upgraded because their computers were already Good Enough to do everything they wanted to do. I can still see the speed differences on the same (decent!) hardware between XP and Win 7 ... Granted Win 7 has a proper Administrator/Sandbox layer so I expect some slowdown but not that much.

So yeah, enough praising MS for this move, they're 7 years late with it.

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