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Comment Listen to the MP3's (Score 5, Insightful) 267

Check the mp3 URL's on TFA. Jury tainting is a bullshit excuse. They know damn well if the public knew the facts about what was going on in our courtroom[we pay for]: we would be outside with pitchforks and torches waiting to lynch the plaintiff.

It's a horrible attempt at keeping the taxpayers in the dark about this whole ordeal.

Comment Re:No way (Score 1) 538

No, you're wrong. I just moved back from Alaska. The hunting and fishing is perceived as great because the movies paint it that way - it's just *different* game, not more or less of it.

Reasons NOT to raise your family in Alaska:

1) At rush hour, you're stopped at a red light, and you notice 10 drunk/unconious/vomit-covered natives laying on the sidewalk, surrounded by bodily waste and empty whiskey bottles. You realize they make MORE money than you, for doing absolutely nothing.

2) You may have hit a deer in your car, and you might have even got it fixed. Not only do moose kill your car on impact, they usually kill you too.

3) Moose everywhere in the cities, and they are very territorial. So much that the primary animal-related cause of death in Alaska is - you guessed it - moose stomping your guts out.

4) Minus 80 degrees in the winter, and 100-105 degrees in the summer with humidity to boot! (everywhere BUT Anchorage and the SE area below it)

5) High prices! $5.00 + a gallon gas, $5-10 per pound of apples, and similar prices for all vegetables/fruit. Why? Because it's all imported.

6) It's DARK in the winter. Ever heard of SAD? It's epidemic - the state recommends you leave your x-mas lights up year round to help combat this.

The list could go on...and on...and on... Until you've lived there, you will only have a romantic notion of the place that is sold to you by the television and movies. It's not real!

Comment Re:Nothing good can come of this... (Score 1) 806

How this isn't considered "ethnically cleansing" cities is beyond me. It seems as if the only people who would be affected negatively would be minority groups.

Cleansing doesn't sound like such a bad idea. "Ethnic cleansing" is detestable, but allowing criminals to live among us isn't that bright. Rewind 100-150 years: hardly any criminals, and LOTS of gallows.

Comment Re:Looking at their photos... (Score 2, Informative) 232

I've spent some time in jail and I's not fun. Definitely not a vacation. Also, when your in "jail", you are scared as shit because you don't know what's going to happen to you. You are still in the process of being arraigned, charged, and sentenced. "Jail" is not like the scenes you see on TV and movies of a bunch of laid back criminals playing cards and swapping cigarettes - it's shitting in a tin can with 20 other drunks and wifebeaters.

On the other hand, I have a relative in "prison", he's doing 2 years. It doesn't sound horrible. He's made friends, gets to exercise, and has alot of structure(which he needs).

Not arguing with the poster above, just pointing out that when they say jail is a vacation...maybe they are referring to prison, which isn't nearly as bad as jail. With the exception of things like maximum security, where you are kept in a cage alone for 23 hours a day.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 2, Informative) 371

The health problems I spoke about are because "boilermakers" are the people that work inside pressurized reactors in power plants. Alot of things to interact with your body in not-so-good-ways.

The others(pipefitters/ironworkers) I mentioned are just the health woes of your average working stiff.

In the Yukon(and the "north slope" of Alaska), rates are outrageous for electrical/welding/construction personnel, but the conditions are very harsh.

The increase in the northern portion of the USA is due to how powerful the influence of unions are. "Ironworkers", "Pipefitters", and "Boilermakers" are all unionized trades. When a company/contractor hires them, they know what they are getting. Being a journeyman of a union means several things:

1. You have 3-6 years of classroom training in your trade
2. You have 6000-12,000 hours of on-the-job training
3. You have all the applicable current certifications for your trade

In the north, those three unions have almost no non-union competition, and the rates are much higher.

In the south, there are alot of non-union companies competing with union trades, but you get shoddier results. I'm biased of course, because I am a member of the Ironworkers union(local 321).

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 371

Depends what you're doing on the ground. If you're welding pipe, about $2450 per week, and possibly an extra 400-700 weekly per diem depending who is hiring you.

If you're welding beams(non-pipe), about $1500ish per week, with the same per diem.

If you are welding boilers(which is more dangerous than all of the above in long-term health effects), you can expect $3500ish and up per week, with the same per diem.

Keep in mind those are just estimates where I live and work(Arkansas, Texas, mid-south), and if you travel north the rates go up nearly double once you reach WI & MI.

Comment Re:I want to know... (Score 1) 749

We don't pay CS majors 65k a year out of school. You get less than half of that.

Reality is alot less comforting than your parents "computers are the future!" speech I imagine.

It does have it perks though, you will never put in a "hard days work", although you might have to press the buttons on your blackberry on the weekend.

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