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Comment Re:The reason why it won't work (Score 1) 128

I remember reading about technology to allow lit marketing messages on the night sky.

I actually think that's a cool idea and would love to see that happen. I might have to seriously look into making this happen. So, that first time you look up into the night sky and see "Eat at Joe's" lighting up the sky, you'll know that you are the reason why.

As for all the ads all over the place. I don't mind them. I just block them out when I want (yes, even in real life). Who the hell needs adblock? But I do like the information as well sometimes. Occasionally it's entertaining, but it's a good, quick way to know when something cool is coming out or a new restaurant is opening. And a downtown without loud and gaudy blinking signs all over the place? That's not a downtown! That's a ghost town.

Comment Re:Sounds like a true scientist (Score 1) 169

They're racists and paranoid. They think there's some big conspiracy to repress the "truth", or at least what they think of as the truth. That's the only way they can justify in their beliefs - some big conspiracy theory. But, I have to say that if a belief system falls apart on the basis of a conspiracy or not, then maybe the belief system should be looked at.

Comment Re:What if... (Score 3, Insightful) 136

So true. The biggest proponents of Scrum/Agile are the "instructors." It's just propaganda to make you think that Scrum really works. While it might look great to the MBAs and other execs, it just doesn't work in the real world, at least at any company that has a budget and wants to actually make a profit. I'm sure it would work beautifully on side projects, non-profit projects, etc... where you're not concerned about money, though.

Oh yeah, and a case in point on the GP's propaganda:

I no longer think of developers as professional if they fail to use these practices.

So, he resorts to telling programmers, basically, that they're not professional if they don't use Scrum. Trying to appeal to that person's guilt and shame. Sorry, but I don't fall for these "shame" tactics. Just a tactless, tasteless ploy to try and lure people to Scrum.

Comment Re:Opposite experience (Score 1, Interesting) 228

Right. If a rep is sitting around just waiting for the customer to finish typing, then that is very inefficient. I would think they should be handling multiple chats at the same time.

His responses should require minimal interaction. His first couple responses should either be completely automated, or at least copy/pasted. He should also have multiple troubleshooting steps and solutions ready to be pasted into the chat window. And, hopefully, his chat application should be able to at least paste images, which would really help guide the customer through the steps.

Further, the OP seems to forget how many times that either he or the customer has to repeat himself on the phone because he couldn't understand. Plus, you can't just fire off 5 steps for the customer to take at once while on the phone, like you can in chat. You have to wait until the customer is done with each step before moving on the next. And, of course, you can only talk to one customer at a time on the phone. A chat rep should be handling multiple cases at a time.

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