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Comment Re:it is part of your job (Score 1) 848

I'm actually not a "boss." I work my ass off to try and deliver quality work on-time though. Unfortunately, there are other teams that I have to work with, where this attitude permeates. And, I would totally understand if they were working 50+ hours, taking minimal breaks, etc.... But, they come in late, leave early, take long lunches, take smoke breaks, etc.... And then when you ask them for something, they just try their best to pass the buck, even though they have the time, access, and knowledge to do it. There's some people out there who will spend more time trying to say it's "not my job" then it would to actually do it.

Comment Re:it is part of your job (Score 4, Funny) 848

If someone on my team acted like this, I would most likely have to fire them. I wouldn't even care about the code. They could keep it. The entire psyche of "not my job description" just irks me. A salesman, not an employee.

Totally agree. The "not my job description" just pisses me the hell off. I wouldn't want anything to do with that kind of attitude. I would give them a new job description: flipping burgers. There. Simple. They wouldn't have to worry about doing anything extra anymore.

Comment Re:javascript tetris (Score 1) 237

Agreed. This is what I first taught my 10-year-old nephew, and he picked up on it right away. I just started real simple and gradually got more and more advanced. The best thing is that there's no compiling and no required IDE. I actually started off just showing him in Notepad so he could see how easy it really was to create a webpage. I think that would allow the students to be able to easily continue using it on their home computers after class. The students might not be able to setup a complicated IDE with version control, nor have the money, such as with the Unity3d Pro version.

Comment Re:personnel management agency = HR (Score 1) 175

'They are a personnel management agency, they are not a technology company, and this clearly demonstrates that they don't have the technology skills to be able to do this.'

From the quote above, it sounds like they actually had the HR people building the website.

It really doesn't matter what kind of company it is. It could be a furniture, clothing, or car company. They can all have good websites. You hire the people to do the job for you.

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