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Comment Re:E-gifts (Score 1) 86

I don't agree that that e-gifts mainly support the entertainment industry. There's tons of various e-gifts, including such companies like NewEgg, ThinkGeek, and even Kickstarter. At least then you know that the cash isn't going to support the entertainment industry. Second, you think that you don't support the entertainment industry by pirating, but you're still listening to their damn music and watching their damn movies!! If you truly don't support it, then don't even pirate. Your just as bad as the people who buy their crap.

Comment Re:The reason why it won't work (Score 1) 128

I remember reading about technology to allow lit marketing messages on the night sky.

I actually think that's a cool idea and would love to see that happen. I might have to seriously look into making this happen. So, that first time you look up into the night sky and see "Eat at Joe's" lighting up the sky, you'll know that you are the reason why.

As for all the ads all over the place. I don't mind them. I just block them out when I want (yes, even in real life). Who the hell needs adblock? But I do like the information as well sometimes. Occasionally it's entertaining, but it's a good, quick way to know when something cool is coming out or a new restaurant is opening. And a downtown without loud and gaudy blinking signs all over the place? That's not a downtown! That's a ghost town.

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