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Comment Frankly... (Score 2) 336

I love my $400 Lenovo X120e. The AMD E-350 chipset is fantastic. Weighs 3.2 lbs. 6-7 hours battery life. Does pretty much everything I need to do that I would do on a laptop. Before the X120e I owned an EEE which was equally fantastic.

They are abandoning the netbook market because the margins are too slim and the audience too few. Most people are information consumers that are happy with the tablet interface. The others tend to be professionals have the money for expensive powerful laptops with the netbook form factor.

Netbooks are great devices for frugal people that type a lot. If you need to do real work or play, no laptop is going to compete with a desktop.

Comment Re:Linus is an asshat, imho (Score 1) 1051

Agreed. Many people take pride in the work they do and occasionally make mistakes. Publicly outing and humiliating people in front of others that they respect is the FUCKING worst way to deal with an issue that can be resolved with some firm discrete discussion.

Shaming people like this will simply cause them to hide their faults and ignorance better, leading to more problems down the road. If people don't feel comfortable bringing up issues, and gaining knowledge from more advanced team members, this diffusion of competency will not occur. More mistakes will be made, more shaming will occur, until the developers with potential eventually just say "fuck it, I didn't sign up for this bullshit" and leave the project.

Comment Guns don't kill people... (Score 1) 2987

Guns don't kill people. America kills people.

If you've lived in this country for more than 10 years, and haven't had the insatiable urge to go on a GTA style rampage, something is wrong with you. American society doesn't place value on the individual. It's a society of too many different peoples and cultures all competing economically, religiously and culturally over petty material goods.

This country is a battlefield. Nobody gives a shit about anybody else. Everyone around you is a competitor trying to take what you have. So when people want to commit suicide to escape the existential void created by American life they take their competitors with them.

It's very simple.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 0) 2987

Not really. You can easily kill a bunch of people by driving your SUV into a crowded plaza, by building a bomb out of easy to obtain items, or by starting a fire in a club or theatre and blocking the emergency exits. It's not hard to kill a bunch of people. This man could have very well walked into the school with a samurai sword, a knife, or a shovel and killed those kids one by one.

People like you are just unimaginative loons that look for any excuse to blame the problem on guns. If you ban guns you know who you'll stop? The people that need a weapon to defend themselves against the loons. Maybe if there had been a person in the vicinity with a gun this individual may have been stopped sooner.

You liberal cowards make me sick. You're like the perfect prey.

Comment Re:He just doesn't get it. (Score 0) 236

He's targeting the unwashed masses. These people are content consumers, not producers. To be mainstream you have to accept the fact that majority of your consumers are idiots and they require an interface designed to the lowest common denominator.

Look on the positive side. Through the inertia of Ubuntu other areas of Linux will benefit. Hardware manufacturers will pay more attention to drivers. Game companies will consider porting to Linux. It's win, win.

Ubuntu should target the mainstream. They should do what it takes to get the masses on board. Then us hacker types will spin a suitable version for ourselves and life will be good. As long as Ubuntu remains open we all win.

Comment Cyber defense systems which I am sure... (Score 0) 569

Cyber defense systems which I am sure are paid for by the US.

I've never understand the support for Israel in the US. Frankly, I think most of it is astroturfing. Israel is a country which receives plenty of support from the US. What does the US receive that makes them our Allies? The answer, some intelligence so that we can fight their wars. Now why would any American support sending US tax dollars and support to a country that provides us virtually nothing? Why would any American feel compelled to join the military to fight Israels wars?

Simple. Media and political brainwashing. Your politicians are paid to give your tax dollars to Israel. That is why they are elected. Because Zionists moneybomb all US politicians that serve Israel.

If you're an American supporting Israel you are nothing more than a complete and utter fool.

Comment Re:Am I the only one? (Score 0) 861

And yet... despite the fact that Israel has suffered less than 50 casualties from rocket attacks since 2001, they still continue their policies of ethnic cleansing. Yes, it's very great that Israel can defend itself from inaccurate rocket fire that, prior to the missile defense system (paid for by US tax dollars), still killed far fewer people than car accidents (450 deaths a year).

Comment Re:Best Missile Defense Shield (Score 0) 861

Another Zionist warmongering comment that basically amount to "Our enemy are unapproachable fanatics annd we are peace loving people." All the while they maintain a Warsaw ghetto, kill FAR, FAR MORE Palestinians , and CONTINUALLY steal land.

The real savages are the Israelis. However, their savagery is institutionalized and hidden behind a nice PR wall.

You make me sick.

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