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Submission + - The not so neutral net (correntewire.com)

Presto Vivace writes: "In Routing around Big Internet, author danps writes about the problems of detecting Internet censorship:

The problem is that Internet communication has already started a process of consolidation similar to what happened with print and electronic media, and even in this embryonic stage it seems fairly clear what the hazards will be. What they will not be — at least in America — is the kind of heavy handed, obvious, hard censorship tried in Egypt and Lybia. Instead it will be the kind of soft censorship where things just seem to go wonky. We have seen exactly that with the Wall Street protests. Yahoo was caught red handed censoring emails that referenced the dreaded site OccupyWallStreet.org, then bleated out a couple of "it really would have been better to just keep your mouth shut" excuses.

Google looked like it was suppressing page view totals for one of the protest videos, with (if the screen shot can be believed) the combined likes and dislikes exceeding the ostensible number of views.

He goes on to observe that detecting Interent censorship is difficult because it is not easy to know if a problem is from user error, buggy code, or old fashioned censorship."

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