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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 327

The pressure drop is much, much more than 8.5 psi.

As I said in a previous post, the wind velocity over the opening lowers pressure much, much lower than they would normally be than if the aircraft wasn't moving and you just had the different pressures due to altitude.

Think of an aircraft with a door open, either a side door to release parachutists, or rear cargo door on a Herc. The pressure difference creates a relative vacuum from inside to outside, because of the wind speed caused by the forward flight. And that's at speeds that are easily 1/4 of the speed of a commercial airliner.

And the speeds of those airliners are closer to 400 knots, not 700mph, which is almost mach 1.

Mythbusters does get a fair bit of stuff wrong, you know.

And it wasn't Hollywood that put this into my head, it was my Air Force flight instructor.

Comment Re:They must have overlooked this (Score 3, Interesting) 327

Just to add to this, and to see the theory at work, you can do this simple exercise (like we did at flight school).

Open a can of some liquid. Coke, Pepsi, whatever.
Get a straw, and cut it so that the bottom end can be submerged a bit in the liquid, and the top end is about an inch over the opening in the can.
Blow across the top of the straw.
Liquid will come out, even though you're at the same altitude.

Same concept here, but with 400+ knot windspeed.

Comment Re:They must have overlooked this (Score 2) 327

It's got more to do with the speed of the aircraft than it does the altitude.

The airspeed across the open/busted window creates a huge pressure differential, basically sucking the contents out of the space (in that instance, the cockpit).

If you've ever seen the small size of the window in question, and realize that the pilot was sucked halfway out of it, you might understand the level of force we're talking about here.

Comment Re:"face" prevents asking for real help (Score 5, Informative) 580

That's not the case at all. They're fighting like hell to run power to the cooling systems to bring them back online. The brief withdrawal of workers was due to a temporary spike in radiation.

And the US and other nations have sent people there, on site, to report on what is going on. No sats required. Hell, the US Military has helped put out some of the fires, so they are RIGHT THERE.

The Emperor went on TV to ask the world for help and patience while they work on the problem. China has been asked for help in supplying boron to help cool things down.

Go follow the BBC News coverage for some real information on what's going on, they seem to be doing quite well at providing it.

Comment Re:CentOS Impact? (Score 4, Informative) 184

The Oracle improvements, for the most part, are actually kernel level modules and services that provide the required functionality to facilitate their database clusters. They basically provide the inter-node communication and shared block access management services among other things.

I'm a long-time Oracle DBA, and could care less about this little war. I just know that it pays the bills.

Comment Re:Take Note (Score 5, Insightful) 394

This has nothing to do with terrorists winning, and everything to do with people who are friends and associates of those that are in power, taking advantage of a fictitious threat scenario, and cashing in on it. It's greed, plain and simple.

Idiots are getting more and more power granted to them, and making more and more cash in the process, all for dealing with this "threat" that they've manufactured. They will do anything and everything they can to perpetuate it, as long as they retain and grow that power base and make more and more money.

Security Theatre relies on keeping the public ignorant of what the real threats are, and of the proper ways to deal with them.

And the morons in charge are making laws to protect themselves and keep it all going.

The real terrorists are running the show.

Comment Re:Why would Verizon care? (Score 1) 481

Again... .cooperate with WHAT exactly?

These guys aren't doing anything wrong... they're just editing some pages. The Wiki admins SAY they're libelling people, etc., but since when is it Wikipedia's responsibility to handle that for those that have been wronged?

If they're claiming illegal activity, then follow legal means to take care of it. They can't just say "they're doing illegal shit so we should take some vigilante action to shut them down".

Again, I'm not agreeing with what these vandals are doing, but I'd never condone Wikipedia using their popularity to influence an ISP. That's just a bully trying to get their way. At that point they stop getting any and all support from me.

Wikipedia apparently has a system or process with a few holes in it, in that they are relying on people being good and doing the right thing. That is flawed. It's not up to Verizon to deal with it, it's up to them to adapt their process to handle it. Either that or wait until the vandals get bored and go away.

Mind you, a story on /. will probably not help it go away any time soon. If anything, you can expect to see a bunch of new "vandals" start fucking with them any time now.

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