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Comment How about just totally broke? (Score 1) 231

How about '8.1 just totally broke explorer?' Cookies don't work properly (i.e. log in on main page, go to sub page, and hey, you're not logged in!) the 'open/save' dialogue just kinda ignores button presses, download links aren't resolved through (instead of asking if you'd like to open or save, it asks if you'd like to open or save download.php?fileid=1345 and then ignores your button presses).

Resetting doesn't help. Removing/adding from windows features doesn't help. Can't reinstall, as it's baked in. Firefox works fine.

Comment Re:Why do we bother with the barbarians? (Score 1) 537

Not sure why you'd ask what is meant by 'theocracy, specifically.' It's not really a term that's up to debate.

Theocracy: A system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.

By definition, this is a bad idea. The citizen has no recourse to any unjust action or edict; it's in God's name. Even should the ruling class later decide an action or edict is, in fact, unjust, the same issues apply in reversing it; was God wrong previously, or now? Or is it the priests that are wrong? If so, how can they continue to claim divine mandate?

You talk about 'formative unterpinnings' and what not; those don't matter all that much, if at all. Who cares if, say, the American government was founded by Deists, Christians, Muslims, Pastafarians, or UFOlogists? At the end of the day, the religious beliefs of one of the authors of the Constitution don't impact the ability of the populace to elect leaders, recall leaders, and so on.

Comment Re:Why do we bother with the barbarians? (Score 2) 537

You're arguing that theocracies aren't inherently a bad idea?

Ok. Look at it from this angle. In a theocracy, power is derived from some form of divine mandate, interpreted by the priestly class. The citizen has no recourse against any law or action, by definition.

Comment Re:Very tech oriented (Score 1) 236

I still chuckle when I read the old Clancy books mentioning the super secret NavStar system, for targeting sub launched nukes to a cep of 164 feet, and reflecting that, nowadays, I use it so I don't have to tell my weather app my postal code just to get my local weather.

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