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Comment Re:If you need it you are doing it wrong. (Score 1) 211

Quite the edge case, as you'll agree, I'm sure. But I think we'll also agree that the effort going into this new feature, which will affect few people in any meaningful way, could probably be better put towards optimizing the base software, which would benefit many, if not all, users.

Comment Re:If you need it you are doing it wrong. (Score 1) 211

Sure, but I think the idea is that if your spreadsheet doesn't do all the calculations it needs to do more or less instantly, on any computer built within the last ten years, you're either a) horribly misusing your spreadsheet, or b) using a horribly written spreadsheet program.

It's kinda like redesigning your VW Bug to be able to back up to a full-on commercial loading dock to load groceries.

Now that said, sure, why the hell not? The GPU is just sitting there, might as well make use of it. But it's more along the lines of 'why the hell not' than 'this will make it faster!'

Comment Re:Placing my bets. (Score 1) 343

They should have left it in, and made it optional. "Family and Friends sharing is currently disabled. To enable this functionality, you and the people you share with must both enable the feature, which will involve your XBone checking in via Internet every 24 hours, or disabling your shared games until the checkin can occur."

Comment Re:Surprising (Score 1) 547

I think he means that they had the patch, or at least solid plans for how to do it, in place already. They pulled the trigger pretty fast after E3.

But that's what I don't get. Why all the hate for Microsoft doing exactly what was asked; listening to the customer base, and making changes? Microsoft is still in business because they've surprisingly agile for a large company, always have been. They've never had an issue turning 180 on a dime when warranted.

They tried something, consumers complained, they kept trying to push it, consumers declined, so they changed strategies. Why is this a bad thing?

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