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Comment Re:Nice and Easy (Score 1) 175

Doesn't Forefront also require you have a Windows Server 2003 or later with Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 server and System Center Configuration Manager 2007? That'd end up being $$$$

We are running ForeFront (not sure of the version), and we don't require SCOM or anything else - just (as you mentioned) Windows Server 2003 or later in addition to the ForeFront licensing.

I have to note, we only really use it as we are MS Partners and as such get it for free...


Sculptor Gives a Hint For CIA's Kryptos 151

omega_cubed writes "The New York Times reports that Jim Sanborn, the sculptor who created the wavy metal pane called Kryptos that sits in front of the CIA in Langley, VA, has gotten tired of waiting for code-breakers to decode the last of the four messages. 'I assumed the code would be cracked in a fairly short time,' [Sanborn] said, adding that the intrusions on his life from people who think they have solved his fourth puzzle are more than he expected. So now, after 20 years, Mr. Sanborn is nudging the process along. He has provided The New York Times with the answers to six letters in the sculpture's final passage. The characters that are the 64th through 69th in the final series on the sculpture read NYPVTT. When deciphered, they read BERLIN."

Comment Hardware Support (Score 1) 606

To be honest one of the big attractions Dell has for me is their service and warranties. If anything on notebook or PC dies, you call their support line and then the next day you have a replacement part in your hands. Especially in your case, where you have hundreds of machines. Hardware failures on whiteboxes where you have to swop out the component, interface with the differernt suppliers, and sometimes wait up to a week for a replacement is going to eat up a LOT of your time. Eventually, I would speculate, the amount of extra time you spend on hardware support would be much, much more (in $) terms than what you saved by building cheaper PCs.

Comment Re:Using a company field to extract key VM info? (Score 1) 397

I actually find this to be a rather short sighed and arrogant comment.

With the amount of updates coming through these days its quite probably impractical for each person or organization to test them all. If you were to do that you would probably be testing patches all the time - and I assure you that in smaller organization this has a cost impact that is extremely difficult to justify.

Worse, imagine you didn't deploy a security update as soon as possible and you get hit by a malware attack - not fun.


Mickos Urges EU To Approve Oracle's MySQL Takeover 67

mjasay writes "Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos has written to EU Commissioner of Competition Neelie Kroes to urge speedy approval of Oracle's proposed purchase of Sun, including the open-source MySQL database. The EU has been worried that Oracle's acquisition of Sun could end up hurting competition by dampening or killing MySQL's momentum. But in his letter, Mickos separates MySQL-the-community from MySQL-the-company, arguing that Oracle's takeover cannot hurt the MySQL community: 'Those two meanings of the term "MySQL" stand in a close, mutually beneficial interaction with each other. But, most importantly, this interaction is voluntary and cannot be directly controlled by the vendor.' In a follow-up interview with CNET, Mickos indicated that he has no financial interest in the matter, but instead argues he 'couldn't live with the fact that [he's] not taking action,' and is 'motivated now by trying to help the employees still at MySQL and Sun, and by an urge to bring rational discussion to the matter.'"

Comment Re:These are newbies compared to the Kirlin Air... (Score 1) 356

And then there is Thunder City, a company operating from the Cape Town International airport in Cape Town, South Africa. Quoting from Wikipedia:

Thunder City is an aircraft operating and maintenance company based at the Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town, South Africa. It owns the largest civillian-owned collection of former military jet aircraft in the world. These aircraft are used to perform in airshows and can also be hired by the general public for novelty flights, including going supersonic and climbing to altitudes around 50 000 feet.

The company's other activities include upgrading older models of the Aerospatiale Puma helicopter with modern avionics and rennovating airframes and engines.

Admittedly there are no "big boys" like Migs, but personally I don't think the Electric Lighting or the Buccaneer is anything to be sneezed at... :)

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