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Mickos Urges EU To Approve Oracle's MySQL Takeover 67

mjasay writes "Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos has written to EU Commissioner of Competition Neelie Kroes to urge speedy approval of Oracle's proposed purchase of Sun, including the open-source MySQL database. The EU has been worried that Oracle's acquisition of Sun could end up hurting competition by dampening or killing MySQL's momentum. But in his letter, Mickos separates MySQL-the-community from MySQL-the-company, arguing that Oracle's takeover cannot hurt the MySQL community: 'Those two meanings of the term "MySQL" stand in a close, mutually beneficial interaction with each other. But, most importantly, this interaction is voluntary and cannot be directly controlled by the vendor.' In a follow-up interview with CNET, Mickos indicated that he has no financial interest in the matter, but instead argues he 'couldn't live with the fact that [he's] not taking action,' and is 'motivated now by trying to help the employees still at MySQL and Sun, and by an urge to bring rational discussion to the matter.'"

Comment Re:These are newbies compared to the Kirlin Air... (Score 1) 356

And then there is Thunder City, a company operating from the Cape Town International airport in Cape Town, South Africa. Quoting from Wikipedia:

Thunder City is an aircraft operating and maintenance company based at the Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town, South Africa. It owns the largest civillian-owned collection of former military jet aircraft in the world. These aircraft are used to perform in airshows and can also be hired by the general public for novelty flights, including going supersonic and climbing to altitudes around 50 000 feet.

The company's other activities include upgrading older models of the Aerospatiale Puma helicopter with modern avionics and rennovating airframes and engines.

Admittedly there are no "big boys" like Migs, but personally I don't think the Electric Lighting or the Buccaneer is anything to be sneezed at... :)

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