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Comment Re:They voted for it (Score 1) 277

And if they had supported Romney, then Romney would be the one spying now and I imagine you'd still be saying the same things about Californians. Likewise about McCain. Yet, you don't hold Texans responsible even though they voted for the guy that originally put the system into place (or at least these pieces of it).

Comment Nominated, not Awarded. (Score 4, Informative) 719

Just want to point out that most of the comments here are comparing this to Obama's award. Snowden has been NOMINATED but not awarded. It turns out a fairly large number of people have the ability to nominate recipients:

This really isn't news. It's more comment trolling by slashdot -- and they've been doing a very good job of it lately.

Comment Re:Doomed to fail (Score 1) 490

I'd just like to point out that not only do we treat it as a privilege, but we also treat it like a cash cow from every angle. There is a TON of money to be made in US healthcare right now, and it's kind of sickening. Medical devices manufacturers, Doctors, Lawyers, insurers, all of these people are taking the money out of the system at unbelievable rates and the only ones putting money into that system are us. Yes, these private companies should be able to make a reasonable profit, but this is ridiculous.

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