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Comment Re:Certified and Experienced (Score 1) 454

Definitely some solid points there. Anybody can indeed make mistakes that's for sure. I guess my main point was that I saw a couple people commenting saying that the certs are bullshit, but I really don't think they are, it's more about the person who has them. I have some friends that took the old MCP exam and the first 100 pages of the book they were reading was all about hyper threading. So there's definitely more than just clicking Next, Next, Next, like some people are saying on here, so you can't just hire any idiot. In my own personal experience with MS tests, you really have to read and apply best practices. Sometimes there are 2 right answers, but one is just a *little* bit more right than the other. I think those who can distinguish the difference between a partly correct way to do something and the 100% MS way to do something comes from learning their tried and true methods. I agree with you about the kernel dumps too. Those simple skills are crucial even when you work in a simple repair shop. Surprised the MCITP's didn't know how! But not too surprised ;-) *back to my dark and dingy UNIX cave*

Comment Certified and Experienced (Score 2) 454

I disagree with those who say you should "stay away" from people with certifications. Perhaps that was true in the MCSE days because anybody could get one, but the competency tests they have nowadays are very thorough and are geared towards one specific subject. Therefore if the person has several of those competencies they probably know what the hell they're talking about such as Server Platform, Hosting, Mobility, Management and Virtualization, etc. You just have to look at what tests they have passed and whether or not it is relevant to what you need. I've seen pseudo experienced Windows Server Admins with no certifications or any clue how to apply MS best practices completely destroy a server. Like not using proper document redirection or storing user data from a Terminal Server stored on the C drive, etc.

I've never been one to prefer MS servers, but you are correct, sometimes it is essential when you deal with clients that use certain line of business applications and it really helps to get a technician that is familiar with administrative best practices. You also tend to learn more about how to use MS products in a business environment when you take the cert tests and how to sell their products. It's not just turning the server on and screwing around with stuff until everything works. You will save yourself time and money when you get a guy that can get the work done quickly.

Comment Re:States (Score 1) 1218

I don't want any of your federal tax dollars to begin with. That's the whole point. The economy is shit because the small businesses who employ the majority of workers in this country have to pay nearly 25% of their employees salaries for things like unemployment insurance and payroll taxes. A $40,000 employee really costs about $60,000 or more depending on whether or not you supply health benefits. How do you expect the small businesses that are struggling to begin with to be able to afford that?

Comment Re:States (Score 1) 1218

That's really cool of you to post on an article that you moderated on. Regardless, you do realize that schools with the WORST test scores are the ones who DO NOT get the funding they need? You do realize that the whole system is flawed and certain schools get more money than others? I know it feels like you're doing things for "the greater good" when it comes to federal regulation of our school systems, but more harm than good has come from it. The FEDS do not deserve your money. Your STATE does. You know how much easier it is to remove the elected officials in your state than it is to remove them from the feds? If you want real change, you're not going to make it happen on a federal level. Especially on a topic as controversial as this. If you want the schools to get more funding, maybe you should consider paying the Feds less, and give your community more. We're not a communist country last time I checked.

"Communist Education - the planned, purposeful, and systematic formation of a comprehensively and harmoniously developed personality in the process of building socialism and communism; an integral part of the theory of scientific communism."

Comment Re:States (Score 1) 1218

It's funny, you'll complain when it's something like No Child Left Behind, but not something like this? You don't realize how their bureaucratic paper pushing bullshit is costing us more money, and nobody benefits from it. You rather let people like George W. Bush create legislation for schools than your own local populous? You must be crazy. If you have a problem with it, get more involved with your localities. Don't just complain to the feds every time there is a problem. Regarding ACT, they are an independent non-profit that have been under investigation for cheating, and even for-profit scandals. If states choose to be fucking morons, then let them be fucking morons. There's no need to waste your time with the feds getting involved, which is my point. The whole country will complain that one state is doing something wrong until we spend millions of dollars trying to fix it and force them to unionize with something that is really nobody else's business.

Comment States (Score -1) 1218

I've talked to teachers time and time again that can't stand the federal interference with the local school systems. It's not our business to tell states what they can and cannot do. It's up to their populous to decide. Even though I highly disagree with what they're doing, I agree more with letting states do whatever the hell they want, and ensuring the federal government has less involvement in just about everything besides protecting our country.

Comment Awesome (Score 1) 80

I really love vintage computing. I didn't even know this repro company existed until now. Very cool! It's hard finding old parts for these things and guys on eBay are starting to realize their collector's value. Now is not a bad time to get in to this market considering the people already having nostalgia from 30 year old computing.

Comment Re:Yes, but you probably shouldn't (Score 1) 504

As I said, I use Gillware for my clients. There are still plenty of residential customers who have no idea what a backup even is, yet they store all of their family photos on their computers and experience a hard drive crash. As a matter of liability, my repair shop will not attempt to remove platters from a hard drive and put it in another one. So, we recommend a 3rd party.

Comment Yes, but you probably shouldn't (Score 1) 504

Data recovery centers have dust-free environments when removing the platters from hard drives. Air contamination can easily cause data corruption. Sure you can try fixing your broken hard drive, but you'll most likely lose all your data in the process. If you have critical information that you don't want to lose, just use a professional. I switched to Gillware for my clients. Their prices are some of the cheapest I've seen in a while. Was always a fan of DriveSavers in the past, but their prices are expensive.

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