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Comment Douche bag and turd sandwich (Score 2, Insightful) 2416

Yet another reason to stop voting for any of these candidates in this 2-party system. Yea, if we vote Romney in, I'm sure he'll overturn this debacle. But at the same time he'll figure out other ways to funnel our tax dollars in to industries that him and his party supports. Burn it all down.

Comment They shouldn't be scared (Score 2) 565

There's no reason why OEMs should be scared or even feel threatened by this. Although I'm not a huge M$ supporter, they do this kind of stuff all the time. They layout a standard, show the OEMs, and then the vendors duplicate it and personalize it. There is still plenty of money to be made for OEMs that choose the Windows 8 platform for their devices. All companies like Acer and ASUS need to do is just release a tablet that actually comes with a digital ink stylus, or perhaps built-in mobile broadband support. Simply take the components that Microsoft hasn't included, and put it in yours instead. Tablets are innovating all the time so there's no reason to think of this as a threat. Consumers will continue to choose what they feel is right for them. If anything, a bold move like this will make vendors more confident in Microsoft's abilities and they'll stand by their side.

Comment Flaming (Score 1) 914

There are a million things I could say to flame the new MBP. Why am I not excited about it like so many others are? 5400 RPM hard drives on their non-retina base line models is a start. Did Apple buy millions of these things before the floods in Thailand and they're still trying to get rid of them? Yea, there are things like short-stroking, but it's still a piece of crap 5400 RPM drive that is slower and less reliable than a SSD. I simply question some of the choices Apple made in regards to the hardware for their other models. I suppose $2199 is a fair price for their actual retina model even though it's way out of my personal budget. But to me, it would have said a lot about their character to just include a stupid 128gb SSD drive with their non-retina base line model without having to spend an extra $200. It's just ridiculous to even give people an option to chose such outdated hardware for being such a cutting edge company.

Comment Re:They cost about $79 (Score 1, Informative) 448

I'm very happy with my AKG K240 studio headphones. They are also close to $99 retail. But worth every penny. The audio cable is detachable as well so if years down the road you get a short, you can easily replace the cable for about $15. If I'm just at home, nothing beats a pair of big ass headphones.

Comment Sounds cool, but (Score 2) 399

It's almost as if they're just throwing the word "developer" in there just to make it seem like a different machine. I will admit it definitely peaks my interest and I'd certainly contemplate buying one. But every time I try to code on a laptop, especially web development, I get very frustrated with the lack of a good keyboard and mouse. Not to mention the INSERT key is probably the most important key for me to use and they're always in awkward places unlike your standard desktop keyboard. What also concerns me is the simple longevity problem with laptops. Hard drive crashes (maybe not so much nowadays thanks to SSD) and dead batteries seem to be all too common. Therefore relying on such a machine to get your work done is hard to do. I know people make due just fine, but for me personally it will take a lot convincing.

Comment Re:IS Wordpress fundementally broken? (Score 1) 103

I don't think it's a matter of WP being broken at it's core. They have some of the best core developers I've seen work on any open source project. However, it is easy to fall out of the best practices for running a WP site. Also consider that it is the most largely growing CMS out of them all. Not setting correct file permissions, using DB users with too many privileges, not keeping the damn thing up-to-date (it's easy to update, just sign in and click the notification), and just generally being an inexperienced user is what ultimately allows their sites from being hacked. Why it doesn't happen in Drupal? Simple. Inexperienced users don't use Drupal.

Comment Re:Data capacity of offline apps (Score 4, Interesting) 128

I love the CR-48. However I have mine running FreeBSD-9.0 with Fluxbox. All the hardware surprisingly works. When I had Chrome OS on there, it ran very well. People tend to forget that these things run Linux, so if you want actual programs physically installed to the hard drive, then put the sucker in developer mode and get crankin. However to give this functionality to your average Joe who knows nothing of computers, defeats the entire purpose of these devices. The only people complaining are the savvy users anyway.

Comment Re:Outsource to Local IT Firms (Score 1) 235

I understand your point completely. That is why charging $100/hour for services is a thing of the past. You cannot charge someone $100/hour if they spend 8 hours at your office trying to fix malware. It is essential to come up with a fixed monthly fee that gives the customer *unlimited* support. It might sound crazy, but if you invest in the right kind of management tools, scripts for automating fixes on common problems, patch management, AV deployments, spam filtering, everything you can think of, you'll soon find that you don't spend as much time trying to put out fires and it takes seconds to close tickets. You can easily charge customers with 20-30 employees anywhere from $1500-3000 a month depending on the services you include. It's not just for support. It's also for AV, spam filtering, perhaps software licenses, or even hardware as well. We call it Managed Services, and it works like a dream. People need to stop this break/fix $100/hour crap. This is why businesses hate IT guys. Come up with a plan that works best for your customers and then you'll both save time and money.

Comment Re:Outsource to Local IT Firms (Score 1) 235

As an IT firm, you cannot be afraid to make bold steps. When you start small, the work is overwhelming. But if you push through and manage to get a staff of 10+ technicians all well versed in various fields, then it makes for a pretty winning team. You cannot be afraid to expand and grow for it is the only way you'll be able to handle all the work. And not to mention you can continue to offer different services to open up new streams of revenue. With the right management tools, ticketing system, and CRM, you can easily manage hundreds of clients with just a few men.

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