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Comment "My mouse is broken" and "My monitor is broken" (Score 1) 876

I think it depends on if the person is trying to sound smart "Hey, I know what a hard drive is" or is just describing the interaction point with the computer. Those who aren't trying to sound smart say things like "My mouse is broken" (esp. on old macs that would freeze up). Rational in a way...they move and click the mouse and the pointer doesn't move. Must be a broken mouse, right? I've also heard "My monitor is broken" for a computer that wouldn't boot. But that's all to be expected. Just smile and nod and ask the right diagnostic questions. That's your job, after all.

Comment I plan to go see the IMAX version (Score 1) 820

This weekend I had poor 2nd row seats which made it difficult to take in everything that was happening on the screen. I usually prefer "dull" indie films, but when something is extremely well done, I like it no matter what the genre. A plot AND good action scenes. My one criticism would be that the Nero character should have had more depth. I could see the scenes that explained him ending up on the cutting room floor to make the movie fit into a certain length. Maybe there will be a director's cut.
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Submission + - What Was The First Computer Game?

KarmaRundi writes: Hank Campbell provides the interesting history behind the first computer game:

Do you know the name of the first computer game? I confess I didn't and I learned programming on a Univac 1100/62 so I am a lot closer to the origination date of computer games than most people who will read this.

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