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Comment Dual Standards (Score 2, Insightful) 400

So here he was, an American in a foreign country who was providing material means for people to rebel, overthrow, dissent, terrorise their legal government. One does wonder what would happen if an Iranian or Iraqi came into America and provided material means for people to rebel, overthrow, dissent terrorise the American government? Maybe a book on how to achieve things? Would said Iranian or Iraqi have been imprisoned under American laws? Maybe even sent to a place where torture was the norm like Guantanamo or one of the secret CIA prison camps on European soil?

Comment Re:hilarious (Score 2, Insightful) 1297

He employed an industrial plastic shredder to shred alive anyone who spoke out after having the wife raped... Hated people were fed in head first, really hated people were fed in feet first.

Wow, are you really so gullible to believe the propganda the American media spout as truth? This story is so very false. As false in fact as the WMDs America used as justification to start a war.

and nobody is fooled except the usual fools

I have rarely seen a more apt signature.

Comment Re:Fucking Americans (Score 5, Insightful) 1297

The parent has sort of a point apart from expressing disgust in an innapropriate manner, it is a little lame that Americans are proclaiming with glee how they insulted a foreign leader to his face before hanging him.

"Nya nya nya nya nya, you are a fag and the devil's butt monkey" - It's not really adult behaviour is it, and certainly not the behavior of a country that likes to think they are a world leader.

Take the high moral ground guys, don't play childish games like this and maybe the rest of the world might respect you.

Let's hope that the soldiers who did this are brought up on disciplinary charges.


Submission + - TomTom Sues Microsoft For Patent Infringement (

CWmike writes: "GPS device maker TomTom has shot back at Microsoft with a claim of patent infringement, after the software giant raised concerns in the Linux community with a recent lawsuit against TomTom. In a suit filed earlier this week, TomTom alleges that Microsoft infringes on four patents in mapping software Microsoft Streets and Trips. TomTom is asking for triple damages for willful infringement, since it says it had notified Microsoft about its alleged infringement. Microsoft said it was reviewing TomTom's filing and that it remains committed to a licensing solution and has been for more than a year."

Submission + - Turning Sugar Water into Biofuel (

bihoy writes: It seems that a company bt the name of Virent has come up with a process to turn sugars directly into fuel rather than an ethanol additive.

Virent CEO Lee Edwards talks about the technology in an online vidoe stating that their patented catalysts turn biomass sugars directly into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, not ethanol, so it has a high energy content that can be dropped in to existing infrastructure, says .

There is also an article where he is quoted as saying "I believe we're at the bottom-end of the cycle on crude oil and that in the long-run crude oil will become more expensive," Edwards said in an interview with MarketWatch. "Virent's got a really unique technology that's able to transform sugars from biomass directly into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. In our view that's the right path to take."

Apparently, compared to water-based ethanol, the fuel contains more energy and it's easier to transport via pipeline since it doesn't absorb water and corrode pipes.


Submission + - Aussie blacklist revealed, blocked company pissed ( 1

mask.of.sanity writes: "Australia's secretive Internet filter blacklist held by its communications watchdog has been leaked, revealing the government has understated the amount of banned Web pages by more than 1000.

Multiple legitimate businesses and Web sites have been banned including two bus companies, online poker sites, multiple Wikipedia entries, Google and Yahoo group pages, a dental surgery and a tour operator.

Betfair, a billion-dollar business blocked by the blacklist, CEO Andrew Twaits was furious the government has potentially annexed tens of millions of dollars in revenue after its gambling site was blacklisted.

The blacklists were reportedly leaked by a Web filter operator to wikileaks which has published the full list of banned URLs.

Outraged privacy advocates say the government has effectively lied about the amount of URLs included in the blacklists, totalling more than 2300, and the type of content which it would ban.

The leak follows a series attacks on the watchdog in which irate users successfully lobbied for web sites to be banned, only to be threatened with an $11,000 fine for publishing the link contained in the PR response. It was also revealed the watchdog can ban Web sites at a whim, with no accountability."

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