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Linux Business

Submission + - Microsoft's project to classify Linux users

RJ2770 writes: "Microsoft has started a project for their partners to help identify the personas of different Linux users in an attempt to sway them toward Microsoft products. They've created a web site ( and released a webcast ( amilyid=fc78610a-711d-4de7-9ae5-cc8b57d38d7d&displ aylang=en&tm). Hurry over and find out how Microsoft classifies you!"

Submission + - Best Example of SCO's Absurd Claims

UnknowingFool writes: "Groklaw has posted IBM's explanation of SCO's claims about control of derivatives. For those who haven't been paying attention, SCO claims that IBM had no right to put their original code like JFS and RCU into Linux because IBM had access to and used SysV code, methods, and concepts in AIX and Dynix. For SCO, all of Dynix and AIX are derivatives and thus under the control of SCO regardless of who actually wrote the code. IBM's addendum illustrates that if the court accepts that argument, then SCO could claim that they own all internet devices like Blackberry's and satellites because TCP/IP (while developed independently by BSD) was included at one time in the past with AT&T Unix code."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - SCO is a penny stock

Subm writes: SCO closed below $1.00 every day this week for the first time, accompanied by news about their case that can't be helping them out.

The stock has been stable for some time, and they can always reverse split to remain listed. Nonetheless, you have to wonder, is it time to start shorting?

Submission + - Score: IBM - 700,000 / SCO - 326

The Peanut Gallery writes: "After years of litigation to discover what, exactly, SCO was suing about, IBM has finally discovered that SCO's "mountain of code" is only 326 scattered lines. Worse, most of what is allegedly infringing are comments and simple header files, like errno.h, which probably aren't copyrightable for being unoriginal and dictated by externalities, aren't owned by SCO in any event, and which IBM has at least five separate licenses for, including the GPL, even if SCO actually owned those lines of code. In contrast, IBM is able to point out 700,000 lines of code, which they have properly registered copyrights for, which SCO is infringing upon if the Court rules that it has, in fact, repudiated the GPL. If this were a game show, I suspect SCO would be complaining that their buzzer wasn't working right about now."

Submission + - Copyright Gurus Scoff at Microsoft's Claims

jeevesbond writes: "Copyright experts scoffed Tuesday at attempts by a top Microsoft lawyer to discredit Google's approach to copyrighted material. Most believed Associate General Counsel Thomas Rubin's speech before a book conference — as well as his opinion piece in the Financial Times — had a lot more to do with Microsoft's vicious competition with Google than about solid legal arguments."

Submission + - SCO continues its pattern of dubious claims

An anonymous reader writes: SCO claims exclusive license to the UNIX trademark, but The Open Group, which owns the trademark, says very specifically that other licensees (including IBM) have the right to use the mark in connection with their products.

It should also be interesting for those of you following SCO v. World that The Open Group holds not only the trademark, but also the rights to specify and publish specifications for the UNIX system. It gained this right from Novell around the same time the source code of the SVR4 implementation went to SCO. Some of SCO's claims that have yet to be tossed rest on the idea that things like file names, names of constants, and such within SVR4 are SCO's property. It's odd that it could be SCO's property when it's a freely licensed standard published by the group that bought that very right separate from what SCO bought.

SCO's claims so far have not held up well. They're down from claims against IBM of millions of lines of code, methods, concepts, and patents being misappropriated wholesale to arguing whether "#define EPERM 1" is copyrightable. The Daimler-Chrysler case has already closed with the dismissal of the last pending claim. It seems now that, with multiple cases partly or completely on hold for the outcome of the Novell case, that SCO's time may finally be drawing short.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - LinuxBIOS with X11 server, completely in Flash ROM

LWATCDR writes: server-completely-in-flash-rom Has a great write up on putting combining LinuxBios + a Linux kernel, busybox, X, a window manager, and rxvt into a two meg flash chip. So what does get you? A six second boot time for one. All sorts of uses come to mind. Terminals to use with the Linux Terminal server. A very fast booting embedded system like a Car computer. With every one pushing for multi-core cpus, mega gigabyte drives and many gigabytes of ram it is interesting to see how small you can go.

Submission + - Wilkes University Going All-Mac

Snowgen writes: In Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Wilkes University issued a press release stating that "...over the next three years, Wilkes University will become an all-Mac campus." Another article covering the same story states that "Apple overtook Dell in the UK education market as report indicated gaining popularity among students at college campuses." If that wasn't enough, "Apple also announced that it landed two particularly large educational institutional sales during the September quarter, but did not provide details."
Linux Business

Submission + - Dell to Linux users: Not so fast

PetManimal writes: "After all the hubbub over Dell's note about manufacturing Linux-friendly Dells and choosing distros, the company is now telling users not to expect factory-installed Linux laptops and desktops anytime soon:

The company said today that the note was just about certifying the hardware for being ready to work with Novell SUSE Linux, not an announcement that the computers would be loaded and sold with the operating system in the near future.
According to the article, Dell says that lining up certification, support and training will 'take a lot of work.'"
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux distribution....

tiredofnick writes: Have any slash dotters done mass depolyment of linux builds? I'm talking the Symantec Ghost for Linux... Is there any sort of solution for linux in terms of mass distribution over Ethernet? Let me know slash dotters!

Submission + - HP voids warrenty if linux is installed

ShadowHywind writes: Having Hardware failures, I decided to call the HP tech support for help. They asked If i Had any other operating System installed, other then Windows. Because I duel boot, I said yes, I have linux and windows installed. He then quickly stated that If you install another operating system other then Windows, It will void your warranty. I quickly hung up the phone hoping that he wouldn't create a file sense i am working on month 4 of 3 years of my warranty. Is it right for a company to void a warranty just because you decide to install something other then windows?

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