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Comment Re:How do they do it? (Score 1) 145

You can, that's the good part about it, many times signals reflect when they hit an improperly terminated connection (impendance mismatch). This holds for both optical and electrical signals. Given the propagation time and speed, length is trivially calculated. There's special hardware to do this for you. See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impedance_mismatch

Comment Re:Not the only choice (Score 1) 278

I did, the major reason when that I switched back was due to UTF-8 problems, and as far as I know the line editor is still blissfully unaware of multibyte characters.

There was also trivial stuff like coloring the prompt, which for me makes things easier to find on a terminal full of text and additionally highlight that you're root (in addition to the #-sign).

In all fairness, coloring (and probably everything else I was annoyed at) is doable and wouldn't have stopped me from trying it out a bit longer though.


Submission + - Wormholes Can Be Built, Scientists Say

An anonymous reader writes: According to Wired News' DANGER ROOM blog, scientists have theorized a way to build "Wormholes — those hypothetical short cuts in the space-time continuum — that have been theorized to allow everything from warp speed spacecraft to time travel. Now, researchers are suggesting we can actually create a type of wormhole using those fun metamaterials that everyone is all excited about lately."

Submission + - Google blocks academic

An anonymous reader writes: It appears that Google takes a very dim view of people "screen scraping" their content (slightly ironic, given that this is how Google gets the content in the first place). An academic, Associate Professor Michael Schwartzbach at the University of Aarhus, Denmark has been offering a service to other academics to enable them to find their h-index (a measure of how often their articles are referenced by others) from Google Scholar. Because this involves screen scraping Google Scholar, Google has blocked his website from accessing their servers. Google has apparently not replied to his requests to allow him to do this for academic and research purposes.

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