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Comment Re:Farming/fishing subsidies (Score 1) 231

Right, but his complaint was that we eat too much meat and it causes health issues, and this article is about seafood. My point being is that eating more seafood isn't going to cause health issues, at least not the ones he is commenting about because we "eat too much meat".

Oh and my the way, most of what you listed is "sold in stores" now days, it just isn't the main consumer purchase as it's very expensive comparatively.

Comment Re:The actual reason (Score 2) 375

The Netbook market went from boom to flop because CPU manufactures didn't want to cannibalize their normal market and pulled production back, and the OS vendors didn't want to supply something light weight enough to be run on it. End the end to get something netbookish, that was current you where back to the cost of a low end laptop, so why bother? yes it went flop, but it wasn't because the consumers realized it didn't do what it wanted, but rather the suppliers realized people wanted it more than the higher margin items, and while they where making money, they where not making as much money.

Comment Re:A Positive Move (Score 3, Insightful) 124

Except that Netflix (just like the BBC service offering their shows) hasn't studied the usage patterns of its customers.

I highly doubt that is at all a correct statement for Netflix.

Your particular issue, is the same one i have, and if you actually look into why it is that way it is because the content owners don't want Netflix to have the full catalog. There is a trickle down pattern that the content creators/owners follow to maximize the revenue from a product, first it is broadcast fees for the live/first showing, then its DVD Sales/Physical rental income, then it's bargain bin distributions (which is what Netflix falls into for most of them).

Disney switching to Netflix is a big deal, and i hope that if they see the value init other content owners will see it too and switch over to them.

Comment Re:Buy crap tools! (Score 1) 416

you beat me too it, another good thing is 5S and shadow boarding your tool box, that way if something is missing it is quick and easy to notice it's missing and exactly what is missing, also useful to help you realize you just picked up someone else's tool by accident.

Comment Re:Weev is not an online activist. (Score 1) 124

But taking your car would have deprived you of it. If you left the doors unlocked and i came by opened up and just took pictures of everything in your car without damaging or taking anything (but copying what i find) then I've taken nothing of yours, it isn't theft, and i have not broken and entered in any way.

Trying to use a physical theft as an analogy for digital works doesn't work because they are not the same.

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