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Comment Re:The big design problem here... (Score 1) 285

I wonder why my original comment got no points, but your query got two?

Because rather than adding to the conversation, maybe by stating your statement and giving an example of how to fine tune it, you just come in here and try to crap on something someone did without giving any constructive feedback.

Example being i could have just responded "because you're being an ass" but rather i'm giving you feedback that instead of just "being an ass" you could give some insight on not just what you think is wrong but what could be done to improve it.

(yes i know this is an AC, but obviously this one likes to read his words, maybe he can take some constructive criticism and change for the better, well lets hope)

Comment Re:Two logistical problems I can't figure out (Score 2) 366

2. If your hangar is stationary at the wheel hub and the living areas are gimballed to rotate around the hangar, how do you seal your living quarters if there's a constantly rotating connection inside the station? It would seem that wherever the two meet will constantly leak air.

That is actually quite simple today. If you think about it the seal only has to prevent leakage for a Differential Pressure of ~13psi. Everyone thinks of the vacuum of space being this harsh constant sucking force, but the reality is it is jsut a void and your own mass is trying to equalize pressure with it. In industrial processes it's normal to have rotating seals that can't leak (think explosive gases) at more than 600+psi differential pressure between internal and external.

Comment Re:Tesla Roadster, anyone? (Score 1) 164

makes heavy use of carbon fiber for weight reduction.

Yet somehow it's still 2700 lbs.

I think car manufacturers have lost any sense of what light weight means.

I've got a midget made of steel with a heavy ass cast iron block at ~1500 lbs and a modern much safer miata at 2,100 lbs.. sure neither are electric or have the heavy batteries, BUT there are lithium-ion batteries at around 125wh/kg meaning that 22kwh would be ~400 lbs.

Sorry but i really don't know what the hell they are doing to make modern cars so damn heavy, and the reality is that weight is a huge factor in range, as much if not more important than the aero factors (unless your just horrid at aero designs)

Comment Re:I don't drink coffee (Score 1) 259

One of the core problems with starbucks is the over roasting of all their beans, this is done to "ensure" consistency between stores. Mix that with enough marketing and a general populous that cares more about being hip and don't know any better, consistency becomes a major factor for them. If one store produced a better quality/tasting drink then you could have fragmentation of the brand name. It's the unification of the brand name that sets them apart from the mom & pop coffee shops, so consistency becomes one of the key factors to ensure that setting apart. Now to do that at a cheap cost the easiest way is to over roast the beans so that it doesn't matter where they are getting them from or the original quality..

While i don't agree with it, and i don't care for their coffee, i can fully understand their strategic decision to do it, and it was and is proving to be a very wise decision.

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