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Comment Re:I don't drink coffee (Score 1) 259

One of the core problems with starbucks is the over roasting of all their beans, this is done to "ensure" consistency between stores. Mix that with enough marketing and a general populous that cares more about being hip and don't know any better, consistency becomes a major factor for them. If one store produced a better quality/tasting drink then you could have fragmentation of the brand name. It's the unification of the brand name that sets them apart from the mom & pop coffee shops, so consistency becomes one of the key factors to ensure that setting apart. Now to do that at a cheap cost the easiest way is to over roast the beans so that it doesn't matter where they are getting them from or the original quality..

While i don't agree with it, and i don't care for their coffee, i can fully understand their strategic decision to do it, and it was and is proving to be a very wise decision.

Comment Re:Screens (Score 2) 228

Agreed, if anything this sounds to me more like streamlining the supply chain and manufacturing by removing component variance. Using the same part a million times is significantly cheaper than using one part for 800k and another for 200k even if the single part used a million times is more expensive.

I'd expect the same result across the board as they roll it out.

Comment Re:The real question is (Score 1) 117

Remember that intel had and still has an arm licence, and when they did make their own arm processors the xscale had one of the best power to performance ratios available, while also having very effective frequency scaling and power management..

Even if it was an Apple designed SoC the quality of Intel's foundries are unmatched really, so for the same chip they would have received a higher quality product.

It's my opinion that, yes it would have been better.

Comment Re:Life Limited Parts (Score 1) 233

- take-off stress being particularly high
- structural micro-damage to wings being critical

For a helicopter, maybe not so much take off, but landing sure is particularly high stress, and replace wings with rotors as they are serving the same basic function (providing lift).

Comment Re:Chips with 5x lower power consumption? (Score 1) 82

well a quick google search for "laptop power consumption by component" first link is a PDF

Which is a fairly nicely done research paper, sure in idle the screen is the most, but under load the CPU dominates, and that is very true even in a lot of newer laptops..

Comment Re:Chips with 5x lower power consumption? (Score 4, Insightful) 82

During lower power states and standby states, the comms units, the display, etc. can all consume way more power than the core.

Which is great really, because only a few years ago it was top of the list for power consumption. once it gets to the bottom, then we can start picking up the next heavy hitter to power consumption. It makes sense to work on what is hurting the most, and the CPU was hurting the most, now we can shift focus on to the next big one. Although that doesn't mean the CPU group should slow down, else they will soon be back at the top of that list.

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