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Comment Re:"1 million to 1 billion years"! (Score 1) 204

We're the only animals in history that knowingly practice birth control so there's hope for us yet I think.

Not really, there are a lot of animals out there that do this. Dolphins have Sex for fun, and a lot of smaller groups have passive systems that make them fertile only when their living conditions can support offspring (which is better than what we have now as humans).

Comment Re:European regulations (Score 5, Insightful) 791

Apple uses the charge port/connection for handling all of the accessories and controlling what goes on the market for their phones while also getting a nice chunk of change in licensing fees.

If they are forced to comply with the European regulators, my bet is they will just add a micro USB-B port to the side of the device that is only connected for charging period while keeping their proprietary connector for everything it does now. I predict it will also be in an inconvenient location say the right side of the phone. And it may only be done for phones intended for orginal sale in Europe (although that is more dependant on sales volume their vs. supply chain cost/impact).

Either way they are going to do their best to comply with the letter of the law, and keep every bit of their business model and revenue streams intact.

I'd actually be willing to put money on this one,

Comment Re:Competitor? How? (Score 1) 214

For a first release out of nowhere, and available to the public not just a demo, its not bad. Give intel 2 years then lets revisit their efforts, if they haven't changed then yes it s a "what the hell" situation. But time shows that when intel puts forth effort on something very few can beat them at it.

Comment Re:Keep trying. (Score 1) 185

You do realize how viruses work right? and how your body fights them right?

For small pox:
Of all those infected, 20–60%—and over 80% of infected children—died from the disease

You do realize how freaking scary that is right? Sure it's not a 100% death rate, but 80% in children is damn close, and 20-60% in adults is really damn scary.

Just think, at a 50% death rate, you would need each living person to bury another living person. Sure Evolution "somehow" favored our ancestors, but that doesn't mean any of us are immune to it by any means.

There is a reason why the ENTIRE world worked together to completely eradicate small pox from the face of the planet. The first (and only to my knowledge) time the Human Race as a whole set out to completely destroy another species from our little rock in the universe.

If your not vaccinated and your not scared of smallpox, then you need to pick something you are scared of go look up it's death rate then compare it to smallpox, maybe then you will have an understanding of the magnitude.

Comment Re:Keep trying. (Score 1) 185

you do realize that "somehow survived" with the current generation was via a global effort to eradicate it via vaccination. Not from any type of evolution or genetic traits. for the current generations that have never been vaccinated it will be just as bad as it was for the native americans.

There is no cure for an active small pox infection, only prevention through vaccination. and once there is an outbreak and people are infected it will be too late to vaccinate, sure you will still do it and you will mobilize to do it and get as many as you can for herd immunity but the reality is a lot of people will die before it is contained.

Comment Re:Why does it need to go public? (Score 1) 56

Well they might have tired to say what it was for when they tweeted it:

"We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale."

But they were only had 4 chars left and figured people would find "CA$H" tacky

Comment Re:OwnCloud is pretty good (Score 2) 238

I'd like to chime in on ownCloud. It works but it also doesn't

Owncloud fails in a large multi user environment over low speed connections, and with office files if the users are working in the same folder that syncs. We tried it, and for single in a folder it worked great, once we added others (especially with low speed or low quality connections, aka traveling users) it failed miserably. We had many many many conflicts for no reason. many many 0 byte files do to cross sync issues.

We ended up canning it because managing it and cleanup became too much of an issue. We now use DropBox (i know not open source and you pay) but the reality is it just works. And it has the selective sync they are looking for.

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