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Comment Re:Price Anarchy (Score 1) 692

If I had the time and motivation, it would be worth investigating opening many international accounts and trading between the currencies using bitcoin as an intermediary.

Just looking between USD and GBP you could have done quite well over the last month. That is an interesting idea.

Comment Re:Indigenous vs. Immigrants? (Score 2) 484

unfortunately I don't know what that is

Skilled trades, actual physical skill trades. Welding, fabrication, millwright, crane operator, etc. there are so many open jobs for people with training, skills, certifications/licenses. Problem is for the last two decades we have been pushing everyone to go get a 4 year degree to get a cushy office job. the reality is there are only so many of them, in the end someone has to go out in the field and do the work.

Comment Re:It's sucks, but they're sorta' right. (Score 1) 332

You know i wonder if you could argue another angle, the "and effects". Every e-mail I write is my own work, which has it's own copyright. the Media industry has pushed extremely hard for more than a decade to have digital copies of copyrighted works be treated as if they were physical goods. under that logic, them copying/reading my e-mails is equivalent to them stealing my personal copyrighted works.

Just a random thought to throw out there.

Comment Re:Safer? (Score 1) 615

The other thing not mentioned, a lot of the older ones were called tactical nukes. Something like the Davy Crocket which was launched from a ground artillery piece from a couple of miles away and was small yield. Meant for a Russian tank column. The A-4 and I think F-111 could both carry small nuclear bombs which we no longer have. We don't use those anymore and things like that probably accounted for half of what we used to have.

Ahh,, "Atomic Annie", honestly i would love to be the guy that got to test fire that.. even if it meant dying of cancer at an early age.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight (Score 3, Interesting) 276

I still remember them making me put an empty clear plastic bottle through the x-ray machine. I love having a water bottle, and my solution is to finish it and then go through the line with it and refill on the other side and not have to pay 2-3$ for a drink on the other side. I was in line, had it in my hand and din't think about it and the lady stopped me at the medal detector and told me i had to put it through the x-ray. Again, they made me x-ray an empty, clear plastic bottle. I was just a bit perplexed.

Comment Re:It's honestly slightly astonishing... (Score 1) 280

That and the DEC Tulip, although to be honest i can't remember which one was released first. I just remember if you could afford it you used 3c905's and if you couldn't you salvaged old Digital boxes for a DEC Tulip, or you bought some of the Linksys cards and scratch off the stickers till you found one, and return the rest.

Comment Re:It's honestly slightly astonishing... (Score 4, Interesting) 280

Running a small PC repair shop in the 90's we wanted to be able to support the local schools as we felt we could easily provide better prices services than they where getting. But i can tell you that we also had to give them a much higher rate than normal because there contract agreements had some insane terms.

My personal favorite was that when publishing a product on the price-list we MUST guaranty availability at that price point for 7 years. At first i figured that you had to keep that price, but in the fine text it meant you had to keep replacement stock too. If say 6 years of it being on the list they wanted one and you didn't have it and could not provide it you where liable to replace all of there previous purchases for that component with a compatible component (at your expense) from the vendor list (either form your self or another vendor) and they where the ultimate decider on what was considered compatible. In the end we selected a very limited selection of what we normally offered and we did over charge a lot because we would basically have to ensure availability for 7 years, so we would put it out there marked up and watch the demand and then as the product got harder to stock we would stock pile them to the point we could ensure availability.

We made a lot of money, but so much money was wasted that it just isn't even funny. I still have some 3c905b's from way back in this mess. Personally i'm glad not to be dealing with that stuff anymore.

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