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Comment Re:I don't drink coffee (Score 1) 259

One of the core problems with starbucks is the over roasting of all their beans, this is done to "ensure" consistency between stores. Mix that with enough marketing and a general populous that cares more about being hip and don't know any better, consistency becomes a major factor for them. If one store produced a better quality/tasting drink then you could have fragmentation of the brand name. It's the unification of the brand name that sets them apart from the mom & pop coffee shops, so consistency becomes one of the key factors to ensure that setting apart. Now to do that at a cheap cost the easiest way is to over roast the beans so that it doesn't matter where they are getting them from or the original quality..

While i don't agree with it, and i don't care for their coffee, i can fully understand their strategic decision to do it, and it was and is proving to be a very wise decision.

Comment Re:Liberty loving? (Score 2) 701

You people keep lying about libertarianism is, trying to conflate it with its opposite. What is your motivation in doing this?

Was that a rhetorical question? I think it's fairly obvious what motivation is: Muddy the waters by using the BIG LIE technique. The left has a fear that liberty might appeal to some people, so they introduce a faux boogeyman ("Teh Corparashunz!") to compete with tyrannical government. The problem they (willingly?) fail to realize is that most of the abusive powers corporations wield over the masses are enabled by tyrannical government. Agricorps (ADM, Monsanto, et al.) can sue farmers whose crops get cross-contaminated by their GMOs, but farmers can't sue them for the same cross-contamination. Telecom corps get the government to make it illegal to "jail break" your phone so you can switch service providers, so-on and so-forth.

Comment Re:Forget Java (Score 1) 265

Agreed. JavaScript and HTML5 is the way to go. Lightweight, capable, and ubiquitous. And it's probably going to be the most generally useful language for what people want to do these days.

Unfortunately, JavaScript itself has some major warts. You might want to read Crockford's JavaScript: The Good Parts and avoid some of the worst of the language.

Every programming language I've encountered has its warts. However, I believe JavaScript is the best language for beginning programmers, precisely for the reasons you outlined above. I don't think that they should ONLY learn JavaScript though.

Comment Re:Do something for the school: (Score 1) 265

Moodle is a very good suggestion. Each user can experiment with their own local copy on a flash drive. There are a ton of different things that can be done, like updating the styling with CSS, create new blocks with HTML & Javascript, etc. You can make all sorts of improvements with a few lines of PHP & MySQL code as well, if your students want to get REALLY adventurous.

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