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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 330

FWIW I got in the habit of adding the disc number to the track number (both ID3 and filename). (ie "203 - foo.mp3" would be disk 2 track 3). I've found this method was most tolerant of a wide variety of players (some of which don't handle discnumber all that well).

In terms of file/folder structure I use "album artist/album name/track number - track name.ext"

MP3Tag on Windows (mentioned elsewhere) makes this trivial to do.

Comment Re:Don't complain about crime then (Score 2) 254

Respectfully, I suggest you try reading it a little more carefully:

"The last time I took the wheel in the UK I made a 220 km journey, over mostly M roads, in an hour"

If the journey took an hour and the distance was 220km then speed (well, mean speed over the distance) is 220km (which as you say is just under twice the speed limit on the M-roads he mentioned).

Personally I think that's a load of bollocks - you can get away with around 80mph on the motorway (limit is 70) without pissing off the police here in the UK but 137mph? no chance at all - that far in excess of the limit puts at risk of immediate ban and charges of dangerous driving are likely at that point.

Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 826

Change back from what? From the original blog post one of the things the transit security wombles picked up on was that she had a different name to him:

The female transit cop found it more than a little bit suspicious that this woman claiming to be my wife didnâ(TM)t share my last name. She proceeded to question me about it further. âoeAnd sheâ(TM)s your wife? How long have you been married? And she refused to take your name? "WHY wouldn't she?â


Admittedly that's being pretty pedantic for which I apologize, but it did catch my attention...

Comment Re:The Curse of Star Wars (Score 1) 99

No matter what your other achievements, if you appeared in Star Wars that is what gets talked about when you die.

I wonder if reports of Alec Guinness' death talked about "the actor who immortalised Obi-Wan Kenobi".

Yes, extensively the obits I read for Alec Guinness at the time of his death in 2000 focused on his role in Star Wars. I often wondered what he would have thought about that given his later distate for the role and the attention it brought on him.

Comment Re:Back in my day... (Score 1) 865

Yep, thats fairly common - when a film first opens the majority of the money goes to the studio. As the run continues the split of revenue steadily moves in the cinema's favour - its one of the reasons why the concessions cost so bloody much (along with the usual 'captive audience' type stuff. Its also one of the reasons a lot of the cinemas got pissed at Disney when they wanted to drastically bring forward the home-media release of Alice in Wonderland as would havecut off the period in which they make their money.

Comment Re:or maybe (Score 1) 259

Like I said, all other things being equal. They aren't - Firewire and USB handle data transfer in *very* different ways - I can't remember the specifics but from memory assuming a common total file size USB2 is faster for a small number of large files while Firewire is faster for lots of smaller files

Comment Re:False Advertising? (Score 1) 162

The only problem I've run into with BF2 is Punkbuster - I'm not certain why but the client built into the game can't update itself from a fresh install to the current version (at least it never works when I get nostalgic and install the game again). This meant I got kicked on connection from the vast majority of servers out there. After a bit of googling I ran into PBSetup which happily updated the PB files and it worked fine thereafter.

A quick googling has shown that you can still download dedicated server tools for BF2...

Comment Re:Dear God... (Score 1) 414

Before MS had an operating system called Windows no-one ever said 'I am going to buy a copy of Windows', or 'How do I install Windows', or 'Windows crashed'. The term 'Windows' was never used to refer to an operating system until MS named theirs. The term is not generic when referring to an OS. People may have said 'How do I close a window', etc but that was always in reference to either a physical window, or the UI element called a window, never an OS.

Of course they did - I remember the release of Windows 3 and 3.1 being big news (I remember news broadcasts about the release on TV) and they were windowing environments on top of DOS *not* an OS in their own right.

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