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Comment Re:When I saw this, I didn't know what it was (Score 1) 413

he questions for me are "WTF does it do?", "Why does it have to walk this tree, and what is so bloody CPU intensive about it?" followed by, "Why does an update have to care what patches are superseded? As long as you're up to the latest patch level, it should be all good".

I think the whole thing is fundamentally broken. You have your current version of $Thing, it depends on N other things which must be of a given version. When you upgrade $Thing you just check to make sure the things it depends on are there and if they aren't, then you get them. The old stuff? You just check to see what depends on it, and if there is no longer anything depending on it you can quarantine it. If anything tries to access a quarantined dependancy, then your dependencies are broken and you need to patch the app that tried to do that.

I know I'm glossing over some things, and package management is not trivial; but there's no excuse I can see for exponentially growing scan algorithms.

Tell that to the apt-get folks.

Comment Re:O(2â) should be avoided (Score 1) 413

How exactly does someone on Slashdot think dependencies are trivial to calculate and resolve?

Oh, I know the answer, it's all about the MS bashing.

Comment Re:Best way to force an upgrade (Score 3, Interesting) 413

Why? People paid good money for working supported product. Just because Microsoft wants to bait and switch doesn't make it right. I hope some deep pockets corporation sues the bejesus out of them to force this issue.

I don't see a bait and switch. People knew(or could find out if they wanted) the EOL dates before they purchased it with their "good money", and MS has been extending them since many many years even though they didn't have to. That sounds exactly like the opposite of a bait and switch.

Want to check the EOL for Windows 8 before purchasing? Here it is

Comment Re:tl;dr stfu foad lrn 2 troll n00b (Score -1) 201

> Microsoft is the worst enemy to the PC as a gaming platform and that's only going to get worse.

What? Games run perfectly on Windows 8, including Steam client.

I think as my children get older and I start teaching my kids how to code and how to work with computers at a deeper level than launching netflix and playing plants vs. zombies that it'll be primarily with some sort of *nix based system (not Mac OS X though, they've just become overpriced PC's with specialized software). As a matter of fact, my goal is by the time my kids are over 10 they'll know how to write basic C programs and use make along with gcc, and they'll feel as comfortable using terminal as they will using a GUI.

There are lots of perfectly good(and free) compilers, programming languages and IDEs that run very nicely on Windows 8, so I don't know what you're saying except that over the years I've seen thousands of your kind of posts get modded up, so good job on saying what Slashdot likes to hear.

Comment Re:tl;dr stfu foad lrn 2 troll n00b (Score 1) 201

As far as Steam is concerned, "Linux" games are "Linux" games, and run on Ubuntu, SteamOS or any other platform that runs the "Steam runtime", a basic compatibility layer so games can assume the existence of certain things.

So 'Linux' games will require the Steam runtime now? That sounds good for Steam, not so much for Linux gaming to become reliant on a DRM game store that takes 30% of all game revenue. Atleast hopefully the runtime is FOSS, say it is so.

Comment Re:Fragmentation: preventing Android success (Score 1) 201

The end users don't have to pay for an upgrade and in many cases avoid costs of new hardware as well. That's how they're benefiting, with extra money in their pocket. How were Android users served by different layouts of buttons on each device? You seem overly sensitive to criticism of Android while ignoring my overall point. Windows may have its own useless "fragmentation", for example jerking around network settings during XP to Vista. This isn't Team A vs. Team B. It's about a case of NIH syndrome and lack of consistency. There is no need to get defensive about your preferred platform while peddling criticism of others.

Comment Re:Fragmentation: preventing Android success (Score 1) 201

You got my OP wrong. I was pointing out about needless fragmentation of things that are just conventions. Having the buttons in any one config would be better than different configs even if it weren't optimal, consistency is important. Is any one of those configs better than the others? How easy it is to fix? Hope you can see how this is different from Windows fragmentation of XP vs. 7.

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