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Submission + - Next SurfaceRT to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and LTE

recoiledsnake writes: Following up on our previous discussion of Microsoft selling discounted SurfaceRT tablets to schools which fueled speculation about the future of Surface RT, Bloomberg is now reporting that Microsoft is fast at work on the next Surface RT which will replace the current Tegra 3 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip which has stellar benchmarks against the likes of the upcoming Tegra 4, Apple A6X, and Exynos processors, especially in the GPU and graphics department. Since the SoC comes with 3g/LTE, this might be the first Surface to support integrated cellular data. There are also indications that there could be an 8" version, and that the new versions might be revealed alongside the Windows 8.1 preview bits at the upcoming BUILD conference, starting on June 26.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 0) 611

People typically get banned on Xbox for cheating on multiplayer games, like using aimbots etc.

The question was about access to single player games if you got banned on multiplayer games

He said, of course you will have access. The parent post said you'd be banned from playing your single player games if you got banned on Xbox Live. So yes, the benefit is access to single player games when you're banned from multiplayer games for cheating or being an abusive troll using bad language etc. in voice chat. Hope that makes it clear.

I didn't need help, you did :)

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 0) 611

You totally failed to mention MajorNelson's take on the issue in your post and instead took the twitter rep statement as fact. If you didn't have facts as you admit now why make that post categorically stating without any caveats that one loses access to single player games on getting banned? Sorry for my outburst, but there are a lot of people already invested into the PS4 ecosystem who are using every opportunity to discount the Xbox One on internet forums, regardless of facts.

Comment Re:Missing question (Score 2) 611

Re-read the OP post.
Here it is again.

Since I would have to pay 500$ for it, will I be able to run my own software on the Xbox One.

Now if you claim that OP says money is immaterial, take an English and a Reading Comprehension course before posting again.
Also, no one cares what you buy or don't, iPad and iPhone are selling tens of millions every quarter. Buy as many Raspberry Pis as you want.

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