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Comment Re:Wait... what? (Score 1) 250

First, if the numbers were any good, Google would be bragging about them instead of hiding them. That shows how badly they're selling. Because of this, we have to use the numbers we can get. If you have any better metric, let me know.

Second, if you hadn't failed reading comprehension, it says right there in the summary that the 5000 figure is from 2011 from the first six months of selling them.

Also, the Nokia Windows Phones were bestsellers on Amazon, so you're arguing that they sold really well?

Comment Re:Wait... what? (Score 3, Insightful) 250

Chromebooks have been topping the Amazon sales charts. Clearly TFA's numbers are bullshit because you don't top Amazon by selling less than 5,000 units.

X is dying. Slashdot confirms it. One of the oldest trolls that still works.

Submitter here. The 5000 figure is from the first 6 months of sales from June/July 2011.The Amazon sales charts numbers are from January of this year. Also, not many folks buy laptops from Amazon, so topping the sales there is nothing big.

Comment Re:Give up (Score 1) 250

It would be like telling Apple "Give up and stop making iOS, just license Android instead.

It would be nothing like that. iOS sells tens of millions every quarter and generates billions in revenue and profit. Why should Apple give up? Meanwhile, without the subsidy from the ad profits from Google search, Chromebooks will fail and be immediately discontinued.

Comment Re:The Solution (Score 0) 309

Think about it: Barnes and Noble called them out on it *and won* since they have a good argument for the Doctrine of Laches (regarding the NDA's). Which estopped MS from collecting anything on the patents in question

Reference needed about the "winning" part. In fact, B&N ended up having to pay licensing fees on the patents.

Don't believe everything you read on the agenda-driven Groklaw.

Submission + - Real world stats show Chromebooks are struggling

recoiledsnake writes: The first real world stats for Chromebooks show that they're struggling to have any traction in the marketplace. In its first week of monitoring worldwide usage of Google's Chrome OS, NetMarketShare reported that the percentage of web traffic from Chromebooks was roughly 2/100 of 1 percent, a figure too small to earn a place on its reports. The first Chromebooks went on sale in June 2011, nearly two years ago, with Acer reportedly selling fewer than 5000 units in the first six months and Samsung selling even fewer. In the past three years, Chromebook sales have been worse than even three months worth of WindowsRT sales. Perhaps users are heeding Stallman's warning on Chromebooks. We previously discussed reports of Chromebook topping Amazon sales, selling to 2000 schools and wondered whether QuickOffice on ChromeOS can topple Microsoft Office.

Comment Re: Fuck off (Score 0) 309

Depends on whether you see any analysts talking about a high level of unsold inventory, I don't see any evidence of too much channel stuffing happening.

The Lumia 520 sold out in less than half hour on

Sold out on India's Amazon equivalent flipcart too, in fact it's out of stock since a month because of the heavy demand.

Comment Re:Fuck off (Score 2) 309

Ironically, it's Google that's facing antitrust issues by abusing FRAND standard patents for extortion on basic things like H.264 and WiFi.
Meanwhile Microsoft and Apple have made a public and binding declaration that they won't use FRAND patents for injunctions.

Comment Re:Fuck off (Score 0, Troll) 309

Comment Re:The Solution (Score 0) 309

All Google needs to do is offer a commercial licence, for a small fee, to all Android OEM's that indemnifies them. This way if Microsoft has an issue with Android or Linux they can take on Google directly. But, we all know that would never happen because Microsoft clearly knows that Google would single handily invalidate all of their obvious, worthless and prior art ridden patents one by one.

That will not happen because Google can't protect itself(i.e the Motorola it bought which loses billions every year by the way because of making crap phones), how can it protect its partners? It's about to get bitchslapped for trying to abuse FRAND standard patents on H.264 and WiFi for extortion.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 618


The GP is posting because trolls like yourself are saying it isn't done. Seems a fairly direct cause and effect to me.

Trolls? The issue is not whether it is or isn't done. It's about the right tool for the job. There are a lot of people who can do amazing things with MS Paint, but that doesn't mean that people should replace Photoshop with it.

Show that to a Photoshop user and tell them to use Paint instead and watch yourself get laughed out the room. Just because you can do something with something doesn't mean you should.

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