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Comment And Slashdot goes to zero (Score 4, Insightful) 390

W3Schools is a site for web developers and does not represent the web despite the three W's in the name.

Net Applications(which measures visitors instead of page views like Statcounter) has it at ~50%.

Story brought to you by the same geniuses that brought you the following stories:

"Draconian DRM Revealed in Windows 7"

"Microsoft to abandon Windows Phone"
(As an aside, the above story was submitted by the zealot megalomaniac symbolset).

Milking views by trolling only works for so long.

Thanks to zealot posters like bmo, symbolset, Zero__Kelvin, LordLimeCat, Jeremiah Cornelius, UnknowingFool, rtfa-troll, binarylarry, MightyMartian, drinkypoo, pieroxy for karmawhoring the groupthink and slowly ruining the site by spewing lame shill accusations. Oh and thanks to moderators for marking them insightful and modding down any posts that go against the groupthink.

When the beta lands and is the default without a way to go back to the old layout is the day I remove Slashdot from my bookmarks and unfollow on twitter.

Last one out turn off the lights.


Video CES 2014: Building Self-Guiding Lego Robots for Fun and (Maybe) Profit (Video) 8

Lauro Ojeda is a researcher at the University of Michigan who also works with a Korean company, Microinfinity, that says it works with everything "from basic sensors to full navigation systems, and is becoming the world leading navigation system company." Prof. Ojeda also has a personal website,, where he posts his navigation and control code (under an open source license, of course) that you are welcome to download, play with, install on any suitable device you have handy, and modify at will. A lot of his work is with Lego-based robots because they're both inexpensive and readily available almost anywhere. If you already have a good-sized Lego collection, you probably only need a few pieces to follow or even surpass Prof. Ojeda's work. And who knows? If you manage to make an autonomous Lego robot, your next stage may be a car that drives itself so you can watch SyFy reruns on your way to work instead of worrying about the truck in the left lane that looks like it's about to make a right turn.

Submission + - Xbox One sales top 3 million in 2013

recoiledsnake writes: Microsoft Corp. said on Monday that sales of its new Xbox One game console topped three million at the end of last year after launching in November and selling one million consoles in less than a day. The third generation of the Xbox is competing head-to-head with Sony Corp's PlayStation 4, also launched in November. Sony said it had sold 2.1 million PS4s by the first week of December. It will not be clear which company is leading the console battle until Sony updates that figure. However, the Xbox One seems to be selling quite well despite numerous obstacles including being over 25% more expensive than the PS4, the always-on Internet requirement that was controversial and was rolled back, and being sold in only 13 countries compared to the 48 countries that the PS4 is selling in.

Comment Re:Windows XP still at 28.98% (Score 3, Interesting) 470

Now it's a matter of people getting jacked out of what they paid for sooner than a reasonable expectation, on hardware that won't even run the upgrade. Completely screws up your flow. Now it's not their fault. Sorry for ruining your party.

It's certainly their fault. MS publishes the EOL dates for OSes and has been extending XP's EOL from many many years even though they didn't have to. People expecting updates till the end of time is not Microsoft's fault, everyone likes free stuff. The EOL dates are here. If you buy Windows 7 or 8 expecting support till 2050, it's certainly your fault if MS fails to meet your expectation.

Not to mention, a huge chunk of XP users are using pirated installs, especially in places like China. Which other company supports OSes for so long? Buy an Apple computer for 4 times the price in 2001 and it would've gone out of support in a few years. How many years does an Android phone get supported with updates? 2?

Not to mention that XP users are holding back web and application development. It's time to move on.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 103

The drivers that come with the device or Windows might be outdated, buggy and/or omit new features.

So your thumb drive grows new features over its life? Amazing.

Sure it can, like encrypted thumb drives can have security fixes.

Everybody has the issue. Those that don't think its an issue are like vaccinated children, running around on the playground serving as a conduit for exposing others.

Most people do not need military grade security in everything, especially things like USB device info. Those that do have a mechanism to do it. That said, MS should at the least, start encrypting them over SSL, there's no excuse for that. Why are you unconcerned over search terms, email and documents being sent, stored and tracked forever in the cloud, but are worried about USB Device IDs?

Ask a bunch of people which would they prefer if they had to pick one. 1) Publish all their web search terms and email for the past 5 years in the local newspaper 2) Do the same for USB device IDs or even software installed on their system.

Comment Re:Not everything is about software security. (Score 1) 103

Not sure what the solution to that is, except to prompt the user every hour with a hundred status messages(the antivirus/firewall turned off ones are bad enough).

. Besides, YOU just clicked through the message without reading it anyway, because we all know you can trust Microsoft, right?

Add a 5 minute timer to prompts? Is that the solution?

Comment Re:Duh (Score 2) 103

. Searching for drivers on windows update is completely unnecessary for about 95% of the things you will ever plug in, and usually fruitless for the other 5%.

The drivers that come with the device or Windows might be outdated, buggy and/or omit new features.
I see updates to drivers in Windows Update many times so they're quite useful to me. Even as a power user, I don't keep visiting my hardware driver websites and keep comparing driver versions. Do you do that? The other option is to clutter up the system with 15 auto updaters from 10 companies. Is hiding the hardware you use from MS(assuming they start encrypting the data, which was a bad omission) that important to all users? Those who have that issue can turn it off.

Comment Re:Not everything is about software security. (Score 5, Informative) 103

If you're really concerned about security on your individual systems, DONT USE WINDOWS. There, fixed it for ya.

Ubuntu does the same, if not worse.

pport intercepts Program crashes, collects debugging information about the crash and the operating system environment, and sends it to bug trackers in a standardized form. It also offers the user to report a bug about a package, with again collecting as much information about it as possible.

It currently supports

  - Crashes from standard signals (SIGSEGV, SIGILL, etc.) through the kernel coredump handler (in piping mode)
    - Unhandled Python exceptions
    - GTK, KDE, and command line user interfaces
    - Packages can ship hooks for collecting speficic data (such as /var/log/Xorg.0.log for, or modified gconf settings for GNOME programs)
    - apt/dpkg and rpm backend (in production use in Ubuntu and OpenSUSE)
    - Reprocessing a core dump and debug symbols for post-mortem (and preferably server-side) generation of fully symbolic stack traces (apport-retrace)
    - Reporting bugs to Launchpad (more backends can be easily added)

If you're really concerned about WER on Windows, just say no when it asks you to send crash reports.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 5, Funny) 103

Reading the article, it says that each time you plug in a new USB device, it automatically sends that information to Microsoft. Even if you don't send the Windows crash reports to Microsoft, your computer is still phoning home each time you install a new USB device.

Duh, how does it search for drivers on Windows Update then? Turn off that functionality and then check, if it still does, then it's news.

Next you will tell me that my browser is broadcasting an IP Address.

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