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Comment Re:So why not have Tesla dealers? (Score 1) 309

Elon Musk, being an adherent of Steve Jobs' approach, also wants to display his products in the best possible way and he believes that only sales people who exclusively sell Tesla cars (i.e. stores that only sell Tesla cars) can sell it right and that these people should then be also employed by Tesla Motors.

I get that and if I was him, I would do the same. This is really a crucial time for Tesla (and electric cars in general) and I wouldn't want any GM, Ford or Chrysler-sales person trying to sell my cars - next to all the other cars he has on display...

Where is the dealership that sells different companies' cars in the same facility? All I see around are specialized dealerships that deal only in Toyota or Ford etc.

Comment Re:Example screenshots of the abuse... (Score 1) 230

That is an old screenshot, I don't get paid for these posts and my family and my time is too valuable to me to sit and take the effort to convince Google fangirls on the internet., Interesting to see that so many complain but not a single person has posted a proper screenshot they claim makes it all okay.

Google changed it from this to this to this to make more money by confusing people, and people like you defend them as if Google can never do any wrong. Sad, really.

Comment Re:Example screenshots of the abuse... (Score 1) 230

What use is the so called "color" if it so barely distinguishable from the background that some people are not able to even see it on some monitors or if older people are not able to see it? Have you read the other articles in my post?

Why is there no border between the ads and search results?

Comment Re:Sounds like BS to me (Score 0) 230

It's an old pic. I don't get paid for posting here so I am too lazy to upload another image when that image perfectly illustrates the lack of border or contrast between the last ad and first search result.

If you think another image shows things better, then WHY don't you link it instead of multiple posts attacking me personally, and lambasting Bing?

Comment Re:Sounds like BS to me (Score 0) 230

Wrong, please read my other post first.

See these screenshots.

The current Google page, the first is an ad, second is not.

A few years ago

Before that

Bing may be worse, but comparison to Bing is irrelevant, it's like comparing Walmart and a mom&pop store. The mom&pop store needs to do these evil things to survive, Walmart can treat employees and customers better because they make lots of profit. Also, Google is the one that claims not to "do no evil" on their site, which Microsoft is the very definition of evil and consumer hostile tactics (see Xbox One).

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