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Submission + - Google starts tracking retail store visits on Android and iOS

recoiledsnake writes: Google is beta-testing a program that uses smartphone location data to determine when consumers visit stores, according to agency executives briefed on the program by Google employees. Google then connects these store visits to Google searches conducted on smartphones. If someone conducts a Google mobile search for “screwdrivers,” for instance, a local hardware store could bid to have its store listing served to that user. By pairing that person’s location data with its database of store listings, Google can see if the person who saw that ad subsequently visited the store.It is easiest for Google to conduct this passive location tracking on Android users, since Google has embedded location tracking into the software. Once Android users opt in to location services, Google starts collecting their location data as continuously as technologically possible.

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Oh, what do you do on it? Can you draw like this?

Oh wait, it even has shitty lag.

Enjoy your lagfest.

I don't get all the nonsense hate. Comparing a Nexus 7 to a Surface Pro is like comparing a lawn mower with a jet engine. Of course it going to burn more fuel because it can do more. .

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You must be a stupid MS hater because you can't understand this.
Not to mention that fact that the comparison is against ARM tablets running crippled OSes like iOS and Android whose headline application is Angry Birds, and not things like Visual Studio or Photoshop.

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Is Wikimedia counting unique hits or total requests?

For example, lets say you visit Wikipedia with your iPhone and browse 100 articles. Your friend with an Android phone browses only 1 article. Will you be counted 100 times more than him? That's how Statcounter works, by the way.

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