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Comment Re:Google bought Motorola (Score 1) 476

Comment Re:Ahh, another no-name two-bit "analytics" firm! (Score 1) 390

Is Wikimedia counting unique hits or total requests?

For example, lets say you visit Wikipedia with your iPhone and browse 100 articles. Your friend with an Android phone browses only 1 article. Will you be counted 100 times more than him? That's how Statcounter works, by the way.

Comment Re:Niche market (Score 1) 390

Yeah, from my perspective I can't help but to notice the huge boner most people on internet have towards market share and mainstream market acceptance, regardless if it's for smartphones, computers, game consoles and accessories or services. People just seem to forget that business are about making money. Having a huge share may have some help with it, but that is not always true.

Now apply that logic to the following comparisons.

1) Server market: Windows Server vs. Linux
2) Web server market: IIS vs. (Apache + nginx)
3) Small and medium database market: SQL Server vs. (MySql + offshoots + PostgreSql)

Looks like Microsoft is kicking ass in all of the above. But according to Slashdot, Linux beats Windows Server and Apache beats IIS.

Comment Re:Two simple steps to avoid being locked into Azu (Score 1) 164

That doesn't make any sense. How is it lock-in when it's trivial to switch to another backup solution? How is switching away from Azure Backup more difficult than switching from a 3rd party back up service? TFA talks about how signing up for Azure Backup makes it easier to use other services. DUH. It's like having a Gmail account makes it easy to upload video to Youtube. Doesn't mean that you're getting locked into Gmail.

Comment Re:Two simple steps to avoid being locked into Azu (Score 1) 164

1) Do not use Microsoft products 2) Rinse and repeat. Don't tell me it's unavoidable because that's bullshit. There is always a choice, you are just too comfortable and/or inflexible to use an alternative.

These days Microsoft is the "alternative" and Linux is the incumbent. A vast majority of large data centers run on Linux. Microsoft is the outsider trying to break in, but without any compelling story beyond pure spin and with a chronically horrible brand reputation. I sense that a few diehard Microsoft-addled PHBs will go the Azure way nonetheless, and hilarity will ensue for everyone except the victims.

Operating systems run on data centers, not vice versa.

You can run Linux on Azure.
Stop the lame FUD, it only makes you look stupid and uninformed.

Comment Re:Malice vs. Incompetence (Score 1) 479

The article was 2006 talks about stuff that happened back in the nineties. The cruft from then is still present in modern day Word. Calling it outdated is like saying your grandfather's recounting of his childhood is outdated.

The first article that's more relevant to this discussion was written in 2008 and covers the new XML version i.e OOXML. The spec hasn't changed much since then and ALL the points that he makes are still valid even today.

Can you tell us exactly what is outdated about the articles and what is not relevant today or to the FTA? Or I'll have to assume you didn't read the articles.

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