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Comment Re:Yikes. (Score 1) 625

If the government demands that students drill repeatedly to pass standardized tests then, yes, we are hosed. If the government promotes innovation and creativity then we will continue to lead the world. You cannot teach innovation, you can only create an environment where innovation is revered, and then let it happen. Imagine giving grade school children a class in brainstorming rather than have them recite multiplication tables.

Comment Re:It's not really "unseen" (Score 0) 566

My 3G was made excruciatingly slow by iOS 4.0, waited months for their supposed "fix" with no word on what was wrong or even an apology. Then they stopped updating it, before my contract even ran out, permanently leaving all location tracking data. I sure don't want a 4 with it's antenna problems. If you asked me, I would say I want a 5 because almost anything would be an improvement.

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