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Comment Am a smidgen disappointed (Score 1) 272

On reading this, was looking forward to snagging a copy if it is open source, as the current Windows open source text editor I use is not entirely to my liking.

No dice. This company has an interesting variation on open source:

"... To discourage piracy, a tiny but essential core (also containing the licensing code), will be kept private (at least until users reach a certain rating)."

Well, they got some free publicity on Slashdot at any rate.

Anyone recommend a good Windows editor? Not into vi/emacs style editors. Wordpad/Notepad do as a last resort, but are not designed for technical uses.

I use an IDE for code, but frequently need a programmers editor for data files or when using PCs other than my development box.

Textpad is shareware and may not have been bought at some companies. I found its Unicode support problematic in the past. Handles massive data files well though.

Notepad++ is free &open source, but a little rough around the edges in usability. Like many IDEs, it adds code folding to XML documents. When XML files are very large this is a problem due to the number of widgets that get created to support minimizing and maximizing each parent node. Notepad++ managed to crash the video drivers on one PC here, which is almost perversely impressive.

Comment Is this case a big deal? (Score 2) 311

Applets, you have heard of them?

When you install / upgrade Java, you get support for the latest Java runtime in your browser to run those applets. It has been thus since the olden times (the mid-nineties when Java was launched).

From the description, this is just a performance optimization so the runtime is loaded and you don't get a delay when there is an applet in the page.

Whether I am right about what the plugin does or not, installing / upgrading the Java Runtime Edition has always affected your browser.

Comment German names "von und zu" meaning? (Score 1) 513

I am not a German or a German-speaker, but most of in the English speaking world have seen "von" in front of a German surname. It seems similar to the suffix "son" in English/Scandinavian surnames or the prefix "Mac" in Irish/Scottish surnames.

However "von und zu" translates as "from and to". Does this refer to some inbreeding problem in the German aristocracy? :-)


Submission + - Antivirus: A waste of 50% of your HD throughput? (

dwalsh writes: Are we wasting our (Windows) computers performance on a placebo? Jeff Atwood seems to think so:

"The performance cost of virus scanning (lose 50% of disk performance, plus some percent of CPU speed) does not justify the benefit of a 33% detection rate and marginal protection."

"Ask yourself this: why don't Mac users run anti-virus software? Why don't UNIX users run anti-virus software? Because they don't need to. They don't run as administrators."

The article is a criticism of AV as a blacklist approach, that mostly protects against last months viruses. How many Slashdot Windows users rely solely on a firewall, a decent web browser, and good common sense (like Momma used to make it) when it comes to attachments?

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