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Comment Predicting Weather (Score 1) 296

While it is a nice story about how the NOAA Satellites "predicted" Hurricane's Sandy's path, the truth is they had a 50-50 chance. In case you have missed it, no one is able to predict the weather any longer.

Predicting overnight temps is also broken. The other morning it was predicted to be 16F as the low, it was -5F, which broke the record set back in 1983. If you shuddered well so did I because I had to go relocate snow that was not predicted from the night before.

Look out a window to see what the weather is, many NOAA stations do not do this. Doppler Radar is a great tool except it does not cover my area so it really is a guessing game as to what will happen.

Comment Re:Put badge in microwave for 10 seconds. (Score 0) 743

".As for "conflicts with her belief system" she can just fuck right off with that. You don't get to be excused from policies, laws, regulations, etc. just because they "offend your belief system"."

Maybe her belief is in the original U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, something the government is violating left, right, and center every single day in the name of "security."

Comment Its On Sale (Score 1) 293

"New research shows a simple reason why even the most intelligent, complex brains can be taken by a swindler's story – one that upon a second look offers clues it was false."

So that also explains Sales. Even a half-wit like me knows that when Safeway does a "buy one, get one free" sale, they went around jacking up all their prices before the event, like we would not notice. It is simply amazing just how much quarterly profit Safeway has made since the economy went poof.

Comment Bet Google Streets Started This (Score 1) 420

"... 'open fields' are open game for law-enforcement and surveillance technology. Whether 'No Trespassing' signs are present or not, your private property is public for the law, with or without a warrant. What the police cannot do, their cameras can — without warrant or court oversight."

Aren't you glad it is an Election Year and you can vote out all the long-term politicians? After all, they are the ones who are destroying the prinicipals and rights of the people in the Republic. Problem is most people will just re-elect them. So, at what point will it be too much for "We, The People" and a reboot of America happens?

Just curious, 50 days left. :P

Comment 48-core Wheeee (Score 1) 285

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, 48-cores in a phone! It is a National Security nightmare, who needs a portable Cray?! Plug n Pray USB with a power/data/array port and woohoo, spatial physics is no longer in the the realm of data centers.

"Enric Herrero, a research scientist at Intel Labs in Barcelona, explained that with the prototype chip someone could, for instance, be encrypting an email while also working on other power-intensive apps at the same time — without hiccups."

Encrypt an email? Ah, so that is what a "smartphone" is supposed to be doing. "Without hiccups," guy must be new at Intel - Have you seen the OS being used on phones right now? Go back to basics and speeds increase without all the GUI crap - why isn't that being made on the fly?

Everyone is being so upbeat and optimistic, you got 50 days left. :P

Comment NBCmpics (Score 1) 1

In 2004, the Olympic broadcast I saw live from NBC was disgusting as they talked over the entire opening ceremony. I ended up watching a delayed feed from a Greek station in order to actually enjoy the performance. Fast forward to 2012, and I can't even watch it, legally, without being a paid subscriber - How exactly is this in the spirit of the Olympic Games? The IOC should be ashamed that they ever approved of this "exclusive" delivery to the USA by NBC.

Comment Back to Bikes (Score 1) 1

Here on the west coast, the excuse for rising fuel prices is due to that fire a few days ago at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, CA. Which is very odd since most of Oregon and Washington doesn't get fuel supplies from it..

Comment Pssst, I got Ice.. (Score 1) 1

Interesting news, although I suspect most of the Pacific Northwest was about normal for the entire year not just Washington state. My own weather station (south central high elevation Oregon) shows a mean temp of 71.3 for July 2012. The weather really does do what it wants, unless someone is manipulating it...

Comment Mellow Crabs (Score 1) 294

Josh Gellers writes: "The study showing abnormal levels of caffeine in the waters off the Oregon coast also suggested that the contaminants were predominantly coming from small-scale waste treatment systems such as household septic tanks, as opposed to large-scale wastewater treatment plants, which are regulated with much greater scrutiny. Such massive facilities are well-equipped to process the waste originating from cities in Oregon, which are comparatively smaller than major metropolitan hubs that have much more waste to contend with. For example, in Massachusetts, high levels of caffeine have been detected in Boston Harbor, likely the result of significantly greater quantities of wastewater that require treatment than those present in Oregon." Gee, I wonder why there is tea detected in Boston Harbor?!?! As to the coffee off Oregon's coast, well, we have crabs and they are very mellow, now. Yet another example of bad reporting. What the study actually said was: Caffeine was detected in Oregon coastal ocean waters measuring up to 44.7 ng/L. Caffeine occurrence and concentrations in seawater did not correspond with pollution threats from population density and point and non-point sources, but did correspond with storm event occurrence. Caffeine concentrations in rivers and estuaries draining to the coast ranged from below the reporting limit to 152.2 ng/L. So, figure out where those rivers dumping in to the Pacific were getting all that caffeine from should be what people are doing.

Comment Too Late (Score 2) 605

I have read enough comments to realize that people on /. will continue to debate whether the adverse environmental conditions are man-caused or natural. It really does not matter any longer as there is nothing that can stop it. Storms will be more destructive year after year and those islands no one cares about will disappear in to the water. Of course, people will debate if the weather is really worse than before. We are only just starting to see weather that will scare the crap out of you and your wallet. Who to blame for it, does it really matter?

Submission + - Solar-Powered 3D Printer Robot Creates Buildings From Sand ( 4

An anonymous reader writes: Stone Spray is a solar-powered robotic 3D printer that can create entire buildings out of sand. The robotic device blends soil sourced on-site with a binder and then sprays the mixture onto a surface. The soil solidifies as the machine works, allow it to create furniture, load-bearing walls and support-free sculptural shapes. The device runs on solar power, and unlike other 3D printers it has the ability to print in multiple directions on both the vertical and horizontal plane.

Comment Re:You can have my PC (Score 1) 399

What bothers me about moving from desktop PCs to all those other things:
1) The screens shrink and now I have to wear glasses to see anything? Yeah, not.
2) There is no way to replace anything that breaks inside, especially when out of warranty. Throwing everything away is not that answer either.
3) Anything that doesn't let me play EvE Online is a fail. At least I have my priorities.

As far as my company goes, it will continue to design & sell its own branded desktop PCs and servers.

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