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Comment Let your bosses know. (Score 1) 11

About 6 months ago I was in a similar situation. I let my boss know about other offer and while he couldn't match the pay rise, he made it up in other ways like flexible working conditions, an increased say in what technologies I'll be working with, etc. It seems to worked out. That said, One of the big reasons I stayed was because it's a 5 minute walk from my apartment to my current job. 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week. More than 30 hours a month not commuting. That's a lot time to pass on. If you do stay they should at least know just how much you've passed on. If the higher management are good enough people to be friends with, they'll be good enough people to repay loyalty with loyalty.

Submission + - SPAM: How to pick a Website Design Firm in CityPlace Wes

bryoncox25 writes: You'll be able to consist of sub-pages, photos,and mouseovers.

Search Engine Optimization (or Search engine optimization) is a series of methods employed to enhance the ranking of your site listing in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Recent surveys show that much more than 85% of Web users use search...

When seeking to create a brand new site, a lot of company owners mistakenly think that a gorgeous new web site is the answer. Whilst aesthetically pleasing design is definitely crucial, it truly is only one component of a great overall on-line strategy. It is been estimated that 96% of all site pages have never been read by anybody apart from the person who wrote them, and sadly, that translates into billions of wasted dollars on ineffective, poorly-designed websites. For us, that’s just not acceptable. If a website isn’t going to obtain any visitors, it does not make sense to construct it.

We can help generate a clean, clear expert internet site which is both distinctive and memorable. A web site which gives your enterprise a competitive edge. In case you demand a customer service ticketing system, content management method, or billing platform we can integrate those functions too.

We have built several web sites over the years and love developing new ones. Not merely do we develop internet sites for our clients but you might find us creating internet sites in our spare time as well. We're continually teaching ourselves new technology in addition to networking with other local web development organizations in town.

Having an incredible searching internet site design just isn't enough if your internet site cannot be accessed by all the possible visitors. Majority of our clients come to us for a re-design due to the inexperienced approach employed throughout their previous web site style attempt. Make sure that your next website style and development partner is abreast with the newest internet style principles and methodologies. Today's web developers should be familiar with the newest on the internet and offline marketing and advertising requirements. If your website is not designed utilizing the newest standards, very best practices and SEM in mind, you could possibly be re-designing it soon. This will take you back to square 1.

Obtaining the balance between cost, style, and functionality in a website is really a tough thing to acheive when searching for the best internet site style company. Because we're a website design organization in addition to graphic design business we have a greater understanding of how critical it's to supply functional internet site design solutions combined with aesthetically pleasing graphics to attain effective internet design and e-commerce site development results. The fact is that in today's world a well created website is among the greatest assets your business can have. Ensure your web site has the correct internet site marketing to back it.

We are a nearby West Palm Beach site design business. We focus primarily on website development, site style, logo design, and search engine optimization (Search engine optimization). As a forward thinking firm, we take a different approach to internet site design — generating certain your web site attracts and keeps clientele. How to pick a Website Design Firm in West Palm Beach.

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Submission + - Must See iPad App Downloads (mustseeipadappdownloads)

benniesharpe819 writes: With so many people now owning the massively popular Apple iPad, the big issue on everyone's minds is trying to find the best apps available. If you've looked into how many apps there are to choose from, the options are overwhelming. This article will look at some of the more useful apps available for the iPad to suit most people.

One iPad app that can also be used on an iPhone or iPod touch is "Documents to Go Premium". The app also comes with a desktop application you can utilize with a Mac or a PC. This app gives you the capacity to create documents in Microsoft Word format, spreadsheets in Excel format and presentations in PowerPoint format. This means that instead of using Microsoft Office on a desktop computer, you can do the same things on your iPad with Documents To Go Premium. This app is so convenient, you could be out and about and still have the capacity to create and edit documents when you need them. The app also has a compatibility with Dropbox, Google Docs and

If you desire to obtain the most recent news from all over the world, then you should consider getting Pulse News Reader. You can select the news outlets that you want to get. You have the opportunity to look at summaries of news stories and then go to the referenced website if you are interested in reading the whole story. There is also a search box so that you can look for other topics that interest you. It is so easy to pass along articles that you like by emailing them or by using social sites like Twitter or Facebook. You have the option to download Pulse News Reader at iTunes without paying a thing for it.

If you spend time on the web, you have seen the WebMD website. It contains loads of info on all types of health related topics. Now you have the opportunity to access this data from WebMD while you are utilizing your mobile gadget. This app lets you look up various symptoms to find out what might be causing them. It also gives you practical tips on how to treat emergency medical situations, such as broken bones. It also has loads of information on drugs and medicines that are used to handle different illnesses. The WebMD app is very helpful if you want to have medical information in your reach.

In summary, iPad apps are easy and usually not expensive ways to make your iPad very powerful and enjoyable. It gives you the opportunity to tailor your iPad so that you will be able to find the info that you need. Or, if you choose to play games, read books or view movies, you can search for these types of apps to do these things. The iPad apps in this article can get you started with your research. You will soon have an entire collection of wonderful apps that will make life simpler.

blue buffalo dog food reviews
certified medical assistant


Submission + - Windows Protected Memory not included in Windows 7

An anonymous reader writes: I'll be the first to admit I'm no expert at Computer Security. I tinker, and hack around at the odd bits and bobs.

The other night, I had a crack at using a Hex Editor to edit another program's running memory, and fully expected Windows to block me.

Turns out it didn't, and I didn't have administrator priviledges, and UAC is still turned on.

Here's the video:

It really shouldn't be this easy to inject code into running programs...

Submission + - A closer look at AMD's Fusion chipset, motherboard (

crookedvulture writes: AMD's Llano APU is an impressive feat of CPU-and-GPU integration, and it requires new motherboards with FM1 sockets. Most of those boards will be based on Llano's companion A75 chip, which is the first platform hub to offer native USB 3.0 support. The A75 complements its SuperSpeed USB ports with a 6Gbps SATA controller and a handful of second-gen PCI Express lanes, ensuring that even budget motherboards have a robust base feature set. This review takes a closer look at the chipset, the performance of its integrated peripherals, and a trio of affordable motherboards from all the big names. Recommended reading for anyone considering putting Llano in their desktop or home-theater PC.

Submission + - Virtual Assistant (

aubrey185810 writes: "A virtual assistant is the same with administrative, secretarial, and clerical support, creative and technical services for clients in which the services are done online.
Today, several companies are offering a virtual office services. Some business centers offer small company. They offer furnished office space that has telephone, fax, and receptionist services.
When you are a virtual assistant, you should work in an ongoing relationship with your clients as people who you are working with daily. You should have to get closer with your client as you become the right hand of the client that you are assisted. You have to know about his/her business, family and life experiences in order to build a continuous relationship. You should have to share also about your personal life experiences if possible so that your client can also relate with your backgrounds as his/her business partner because the more knowledge and learning you give to clients, the more they will be able to support you in the future and will give value to you as well. You also do secretarial works but even more than that, like some personal matters, you should have to do what the client demanded as a partner. You should always create value to your clients through a professional and dynamic process of learning.
A virtual assistant can also be described as a special job because of the kind of relationship build between a VA and a client. For me, this kind of job is very much exciting and challenging because you will know several people in some several foreign places that you are able to learn much more than what you expected ahead of time."

Comment Re:In other news, my butt is linked to my nose (Score 5, Insightful) 204

I hate replying to ACs, but...

There is another and more logical reason for the army to have it's soldiers practice shooting at targets and that is to become better at hitting their targets. I'm guessing that is why it is called "target practice" and not "desensitisation drill".

Frankly the idea that violent people like violent things makes a lot more sense than being brain washed by computer games.

Here is my "Asinine comparison". Opening umbrellas causes rain as there is a strong correlation between rain and the people opening their umbrellas. Well, maybe I can not prove it "causes" rain but I think I can get away with saying that it is a contributing factor.


Submission + - Study: Many government web sites stink

coondoggie writes: "Seems its ok for some portions of our government to go looking pretty will-nilly for information about us, but we can't get information easily about them. A report issued today by the National Security Archive Knight Open Government survey, found widespread failure among federal agencies to follow the Electronic Freedom of Information Act amendments that took effect in 1997. Here are the top 12 sites worst Web sites for gleaning information according to the group: Air Force (Department of Defense, Department of Defense, Department of Interior.... 4"

Submission + - What Programming Languages Should You Know?

nitsudima writes: David Chisnall posits that the more programming languages you know, the better. The point is not to stuff your head with language rules. Rather, he explains how being able to read multiple languages, even if you never code in them, can help you to select the best possible tool for each coding need — and understand the limitations of the tools you're using.

Submission + - NZ objects to Microsoft Open XML standard

kumachan writes: According to a Standards New Zealand spokesperson, the objection is that "the ISO [The International Organisation for Standardisation] has already developed a standard for XML open format [that is, Open Document] and the committee does not believe that there is a need for another standard, and that Microsoft's [standard] is in conflict with the existing one." BAFD057CC2572990006C14C

Submission + - Toy Robots vs. Killer Robots

Egadfly writes: "Ok, so I play with toy robots. That's my thing. There is an old saying "If you know where I'm coming from, you know what I mean."
But now a Mideast military firm, Elbit Systems, has unveiled a killer robot, the VIPeR, that can roll through "dark alleys, caves and tunnels" armed to the teeth. Suddenly it's not so funny anymore."

Submission + - 50 ways to kill an asteroid

Roland Piquepaille writes: "It is almost certain that a big asteroid will one day land on Earth and provoke a huge catastrophe. This is why hundreds of scientists have attended the Planetary Defense Conference 2007, held this week in Washington, D.C., to try to develop plans to protect the Earth from such an asteroid. All these researchers have lots of ideas, some which look feasible, some not. Some of them want to destroy asteroids with nuclear weapons. Other scientists want to use a robotic tugboat to push a dangerous flying object out of the Earth's path. And others want to send unmanned robots to the asteroid, drill into it and send the debris into space to alter the course of the asteroid. And this is just a sample... Read more for additional details and an illustration showing one of the methods which could be used in the future to modify the orbit of an asteroid before it hits the Earth."
Role Playing (Games)

The Quest To Build a Better Warcraft 196

Red Herring tackles the rush into virtual space, talking about the MMOG goldrush and the business consequences World of Warcraft has had on the games industry as a whole. Though sometimes it doesn't seem to fully understand the difference between a single player game and a Massive one, the article still touches on a number of important points. Lots of folks are looking to cash in on WoW's success, and they're importing or licensing every Massive game they can find to get on the bandwagon. "The problem is that no one knows what the next WoW killer will look like. Creating a hit video game, which combines strong characters, a compelling story, and top-notch production values, is part art and part inexact science. Making a hit game can be much more difficult than producing an Oscar-winning movie. After all, the hit video game must be compelling enough to keep players coming back for more." Even if a lot of their conclusions are odd, and they call Puzzle Pirates silly, it's worth a look. What do you think it's going to take to crack Blizzard's deathlock on the Massive genre?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Amazing Cancer Drug Found; Scientist Annoyed.

sporkme writes: "A scientist was frustrated when the compound she was working with destroyed her sample of cancer cells. Further research revealed that the substance was surprisingly well suited as a cancer treatment. From the article:

"I made a calculation error and used a lot more than I should have. And my cells died," Schaefer said. A colleague overheard her complaining. "The co-author on my paper said,' Did I hear you say you killed some cancer?' I said 'Oh', and took a closer look." They ran several tests and found the compound killed "pretty much every epithelial tumor cell lines we have seen."
Lab test results on hapless mice have resulted in the destruction of colon tumors without making the mice sick. The PPAR-gamma compound is expected to be especially useful in combating treatment-resistant types of cancer."

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