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Comment i bet (Score 1) 3

if you killed this dude and tried to take his cross, the hair on his chest would cling to it with the strength of god. if you did, somehow, manage to get it away from him, his nipples would cry tears of oily body goo.
It's funny.  Laugh.

The 30 Dumbest Video Game Titles In History 113

An anonymous reader writes "Not every game involves taking an axe to the head of a criminal; some classics from the 80's involved massacring camels from aircraft, or in the case of "How to Be a Complete Bastard" for the C64, something altogether different(unless you're a camel). CNet has collected the 30 most ridiculous game names and concepts from the last 25 years. Quite frankly, how some of these — including "Touch Dic" from Korea — ever made it onto store shelves is beyond me."

Submission + - "Hello World" 3rd Party Apps on the iPhone

addario_br writes: After many, many hours of intense work from "Nightwatch", the first independent "Hello World"* application has been compiled and launched on the iPhone. This was made possible using the "ARM/Mach-O Toolchain", Nightwatch's "special project", that he has been working on so carefully over the past few weeks. Certain parts of the toolchain (such as the assembler) are being refined and tested and these will be released as soon as possible.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Digital camera costs to go crazy in Europe

Brad Binglinton writes: In the unlikely event that you're planning to buy a digital camera in Europe, think again. According to, the European Comission is going to increase taxes on certain cameras with certain video recording capabilites. "At the moment, all digital cameras are manufactured outside Europe. They're all imported. All of them. Currently, there's a European Commission-imposed 4.9 per cent import tariff on camcorders, but not on cameras, whatever their video-recording abilities. "

Submission + - Senate committee passes FCC indecency bill (

Anonymous Coward writes: "US Senate Commerce Committee today passed a bill that would allow FCC to fine broadcasters for slip of the tongue expletives, negating a ruling by federal appeals court in New York that commission's policy on 'fleeting expletives' is arbitrary and capricious. What this means is that once this becomes law, if you someone accidentally says "fsck" even once, the broadcaster gets fined."
Linux Business

Submission + - 2008: The Year for the Linux Desktop? (

LNXPhreak writes: Although Linux has made a lot of improvements over the few years and especially in 2007, there are still a number of major problems that we need to resolve. Therefore, will 2008 be the year when we are 100 percent desktop ready? "I definitely believe so, but we'll need to see the codec issues cleared up in the US front and the hype about wireless 'ease' stopped immediately. Time for the truth: Linux distributions provide a safe, stable desktop environment that is better than anything else in the market. The wireless is atrocious, as the decision makers throughout the community refuse to join us here in reality, thus providing unparalleled support to a single chipset. This means seeing Novell, Canonical, Red Hat or someone standing up and approaching a single vendor, and offer to hand them the market in exchange for working with them develop no excuses WPA-ready WiFi cards for existing notebooks that do not currently provide Linux-friendly solutions.

Submission + - Canada's Copyright Cops Give Go-Ahead For iPod Tax

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist reports that the Canada's Copyright Board has given the go-ahead to a new copyright tax on iPods, despite an earlier court decision blocking the fee. The Board apparently ruled that not including iPods would make criminals of millions of Canadians and that the levy could conceivably be applied to cellphones and personal computers.

Censoring a Number 1046

Rudd-O writes "Months after successful discovery of the HD-DVD processing key, an unprecedented campaign of censorship, in the form of DMCA takedown notices by the MPAA, has hit the Net. For example Spooky Action at a Distance was killed. More disturbingly, my story got Dugg twice, with the second wave hitting 15,500 votes, and today I found out it had simply disappeared from Digg. How long until the long arm of the MPAA gets to my own site (run in Ecuador) and the rest of them holding the processing key? How long will we let rampant censorship go on, in the name of economic interest?" How long before the magic 16-hex-pairs number shows up in a comment here?

Dell To Offer Win XP On Consumer PCs Again 447

phalse phace writes "With so many consumers still asking for Windows XP to be loaded on Dell's consumer level PCs, the PC maker has finally decided to offer that as an option. 'Like most computer makers, Dell switched nearly entirely to Vista-based systems following Microsoft's mainstream launch of the operating system in January. However, the company said its customers have been asking for XP as part of its IdeaStorm project, which asks customers to help the company come up with product ideas. Starting immediately, Dell said, it is adding XP Home and Professional as options on four Inspiron laptop models and two Dimension desktops.' The Dell models with the Windows XP option are: Dell Inspiron 1405, 1705, 1505, and 1501; and Dell Dimension E520 and E521."

Journal Journal: Caller ID Spoofing

As if the normal /.-induced paranoia was not at the orange alert level, I just read in an interesting article in the Lansing State Journal about Caller ID scammers. Have I not been keeping up on my paranoia or is this something relatively new?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Killer Kangroos found in Australia

Ligers look out. Scientists have unearthed fossils suggesting the presence of "Killer Kangaroos" in the Australia. The article goes on to mention that evidence was also found of a "carnivorous, giant 10-foot-tall, 881-pound duck-like bird." The real question is what wins in a fight, a killer kangaroo, a giant duck, or a liger?

On Software Patent Lawsuits Against OSS 400

Bruce Perens writes "We've warned you for a decade. Now the monster has finally arrived: patent holders are filing suit against OSS developers." From the article: "We should not be confident that we will continue to have the right to use and develop Open Source software. A coordinated patent attack by a few companies, or even one large company, could completely destroy Open Source in the United States and cripple it in other nations. Funds and patent portfolios that have been established to help defend Open Source would not be sufficient to defend it. Only legislative changes to the patent system can fully protect Open Source and maintain it as a viable source of innovation for our future."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Spinning

It seems to me that everyone who has a clue hates the current state of patent, copyright, DRM and every other restrictive thing being done to technology today. So why does it fly? Why do people buy and put up with this garbage? Is this just the /. effect happening to me? By that I mean: read something on /.; get really pissed; tell the other geeks in my office about it; get pissed together; install another linux distro on my windows machine using VMware; f

Stem Cells Cure Paralyzed Rats 330

An anonymous reader writes "According to an article on Forbes as well as other sources, 'Scientists have used [embryonic] stem cells and a soup of nerve-friendly chemicals to not just bridge a damaged spinal cord but actually regrow the circuitry needed to move a muscle, helping partially paralyzed rats walk.'"

Frozen Chip from IBM hits 500 GHz 417

sideshow2004 writes "EETimes is reporting this morning that IBM and Georiga Tech have demonstrated a 500 GHz Silicon-germanium (SiGe) chip, operating at 4.5 Kelvins. The 'frozen chip' was fabricated by IBM on 200mm wafers, and, at room temperature, the circuits operated at approximately 350 GHz."

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