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Comment Wrong Pocket! (Score 0) 7

No wonder the dude on the left is g oing stag. He clearly has his hand in the wrong pocket. After all that work to get matching shirts, jeans and haircuts the little turd goes and forgets his training.

Comment Re:Off Topic Sig Correction (Score 1) 212

Don't be fooled by dictionaries either. Dictionaries record how words are USED (rightly or wrongly), not just what they mean. If people used 'bagel' to mean "stuff a cabbage in your ear on Tuesday", Webster would create an entry for it. Fucking descriptivists.

Let me get this straight... We should not believe a dictionary because their definitions are derived from the commonly believed meaning of the word. However we should believe you, some random /. clod who carries around a soapbox and an affinity for standing on it with no more credibility than your typical AC.

I'll assume the answer is yes.

So then, wouldn't it be safe to assume that the same idiots you are trying to win over to your side are the same idiots who got you up on the soapbox in the first place? If so, it is probably also safe to assume that those same idiots will follow the next wild-eyed slashdotter with a soapbox and a point who comes along.

Again, I'll assume the answer is yes.

In conclusion, I think you should just shut the hell up and go back to looking for porn. No one cares unless you have boobies, and even then, no one cares unless you are showing off those boobies. When you do finally show off those boobies, no one will be actually listening.

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