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Comment all games in the last 20 years are clones (Score 1) 235

platformer = Mario
adventure = Zelda
RPG = Final Fantasy (1) [yes i know the stat system in FF goes back to old pen and paper games but i'm limiting my self to digital here]
FPS = wolf 3D
TBS = Civilization
RTS = Command and Conquer
puzzle = tetris (implied or implicit time limit and no control over what piece you get next)

make a game that takes no elements from these or any other previous then you can complain about game clones

Hint (illustrative only not saying the following don't include their own ideas):

metroid = zelda adventure mechanic + mario platforming
american RPGs = zelda adventure mechanic + FPS view + FF style EXP based level system

Comment read the TOS (Score 1) 453

you mod the console you can't use live there are no legitimate hobbyists running modded consoles on live either to run pirate software or cheat a game you want to play on live and console mod get 2 one to play one to hack or stop being surprised when you get banned and shut the fuck up

Comment say what? (Score 1) 295

As Bogost explains, fun isn't the key word in this situation.

if a game isn't fun on some level i am not paying you 60 fucking bucks to buy it

from Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: game
Pronunciation: \gm\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English gamen; akin to Old High German gaman amusement
Date: before 12th century

1 a (1): activity engaged in for diversion or amusement

lack of fun in games is at the very least a large part of the reason so many developers are tanking in the current economy if you bought their games before and didn't have FUN you're less likely to make the $60 mistake again

Comment invalad argument (Score 1) 438

hardcore gaming won't die off casual gamers aren't going to slam down $400+ for the latest and greatest console then another $60 per game nintendo has casual gamers because they stopped fighting the latest and greatest fight the wii is nothing more than a game cube with a facelift and you stand to make more profit doing a high wend hardcore game than you do making another party game to sell for $20 beside the other 50 that came out today

when final fantasy, legend of zelda, mario, metroid, elder scrolls, fallout, halo, call of duty, medal of honor and dozens of other HUGELY popular series all terminate because no one bought the latest game maybe i'll listen

maybe some good will come of it and the industry will finally crash again making developers actually come up with an origional idea rather than another FPS

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