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Comment Re:Australia (Score 1) 362

I had a psychiatrist diagnose me as a caffeine addict once, based simply on the fact that I drank Mountain Dew. That's probably why right there. I don't drink it anymore, having cut out most soft drinks back in '98 (Though if I'm really, REALLY sick, you might spot me drinking imported Mexican Coca-Cola over ice,) but I'm still a caffeine addict. I just get it in black coffee now.

Funnily enough, I found it quite easy to quit smoking, but have never managed to kick caffeine for more than a few months before starting back up with it again. Ultimately, winter does me in and I have to start again.

Comment If You'd Asked A Couple Years Earlier (Score 1) 183

I'd have suggested checking around for a high school summer program. I did one at Rensselaer back in the mid 80's between my freshman and sophomore years and actually managed to pick up some useful stuff there. My high school computer teacher noticed the difference in my abilities the next year. So did I. I still have an assembly language textbook from that class, one of my few college textbooks that I kept all these year. Actually now that I think of it, my lisp book comes from that program, too.

At this point he might just be better off just learning about the various tools he'll be using. The college courses seem to gloss over editors, build systems and debuggers. Being constrained by your setup wastes a lot of time. Learning the basic steps involved to compile code for C, C++ and Java, build systems (make, ant, maven,) editors, project layout and version control in advance would go a long way toward making the first few months a lot smoother.

Comment Re:I Got It! (Score 1) 538

It's not so much that as when they download the password file after compromising the site security. Then they run their brute force thingy on the database and try your username at all other sites with that password (Since most people also only have one for multiple sites.) Or just gmail, because once they compromise your gmail account they can troll through your mail to see what your other sites are and request password resets for all of those.

Comment Man, They Stopped the HELL Out of SONY (Score 0) 257

Wouldn't it be funny if all the stupid-ass shit SONY's done over the past decade or so were somehow Microsoft's fault? Like Microsoft operatives infiltrated SONY at all levels of management and sent the company crashing into the ground? I think that'd be funny.

Of course, if Microsoft were competent enough to do that, they wouldn't have actually needed to stop SONY in the first place. Anyway, SONY did a pretty good job of stopping SONY, with or without the involvement of Microsoft operatives.

Comment A Good Start (Score 1) 212

A lot of those big-can drinks are more than a single serving, presumably to let them load the caffeine beyond the maximum allowed by law. So even if the consumer is savvy enough to check the label for caffeine dosage they might not notice the serving size and forget to multiply the dose by serving if they're planning to drink the whole can. If you're doing multiple cans a day, it starts to get easy to see why we're having a problem with it now despite a couple of centuries of coffee abuse (Grandpa used to drink 3 or 4 pots a day IIRC.)

So limit containers to one serving and maybe we stop seeing people dying from this silly-ass bullshit. We can talk about the drug abuse culture at a later date.

Comment I'm Pretty Sure They Just Needed An Excuse (Score 0) 451

Java never really did seem to be high on Apple's list of priorities. Apple is where you get Java for OSX from, not Oracle, and the couple of times I actually wanted to do something with Java on an Apple system (For Minecraft) the system really put up a fight before running it. I'd given up on trying to do any sort of Java development on it a couple years earlier, but I wasn't really trying that hard to get it to work that time.I suppose it'd kind of suck if you have a corporate OSX deployment and need to serve java applets up with it or something, but that idea is almost as implausible as needing java for any web page at this point.

Comment Re:"fan guards in the system" (Score 1) 371

The mac pro desktop I had would routinely not spin its fans up and would subsequently cook its video card. I think I got it in 2005. The mac pro laptop I have would reach alarmingly hot temperatures. I didn't know if they were normal or not but I found them alarmingly hot. So I installed a little program to spin the fans up sooner. That's when I noticed the laptop has fans. When those things really get going, you can definitely hear them. It's just by default, the system almost never cranks them up.

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