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Comment Making it work (Score 1) 325

Turn off "Smart Quotes" in WORD if you use it. They play havoc with many other programs that might be needed to paste your manuscript into during the publishing process. Such as adjusting the font or point size, justification, text spacing and little things like that.

Saving your work in ASCII is a real good thing as everything can read ASCII without any trouble at all.

Spelling and grammar count for a lot also.

Most of all, read your markets "Writers Guidelines" thats where they tell you all these little things you really do need to know. When in doubt, ask. (This is making the assumption that you have a market or publisher already picked out. If not see comments on ASCII above)

If you don't have a market picked out consider the self published e-text market. If you go that route you are talking .pdf, Kindle, Amazon or the like which still like ASCII. Don't scoff, this is getting more popular as traditional publishing houses fall behind the curve of internet paced markets. e-Books are the future.

Hope you do well with your project!

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