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Submission + - X-Ray Laser for creating supercharged particles (

William Robinson writes: Scientists have found way to use X-Ray Laser for creating supercharged particles. The specific tuning of the laser's properties can cause atoms and molecules to resonate. The resonance excites the atoms and causes them to shake off electrons at a rate that otherwise would require higher energies. This could be used to create highly charged plasma.

Submission + - Tech companies and politics (

William Robinson writes: There are iteresting stories about which tech companies are supporting Obama and which tech companies are supporting Romney. According the article, Obama's biggest donators features the likes of Microsoft, Google, IBM and Comcast whereas the only tech name on Romney's list is EMC. The tech community are choosing Obama because they see him as man with a similar vision

Comment range (Score 4, Funny) 181

300 miles is impressive, and probably because they are using Lithium Ion batteries, it should weight less. With gas prices touching sky, I would certainly be interested in this kind of researh ongoing. Some interesting add-ons to this could be PV cells embedded in the body to charge batteries while driving and add couple of hundred miles on the fly.

Submission + - Why Solar Stirling Machines are not popular? 1

William Robinson writes: Having lot of interest in renewabe energy, I came across solar Stirling Machines, which could have become very popular in remote areas where electricity is scarce. Countries like Indonesia, India, and middle east has abundant solar power, still I do not see Stirling Machines anywhere except couple of experimental setup. I wanted to ask the experts here, what could be the reason? Delayed start is not an issue and hundreds of applications can live with delayed start including waste heat recovery mechanisms. I am planning to build one for the third world countries. Do you see any reason why this may not fly?

Comment Re:Hire bad programmers with good social skills (Score 2) 211

I would say, have a brainstorm among programmers and project managers to understand their problems and create an excellent presentation that would highlight benefits of your solution. This way, your product would address pain points easily. I always think think that the solution, anybody has generated sitting in closet, fails to touch heart of the customers.

Comment Re:Its a blessing (Score 1) 209

I'm just saying that the guy I replied to was fundamentally saying that the US needs to do nothing. That, I think is specious.

I like the way you have put it, and I support it. Keeping Earth clean is a collective responsibility and everybody, absolutely, needs to look at shit they are generating. And, US is no exception to that.

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