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Comment Re:Traditional VPN? (Score 1) 198

Ok, I'm going to give you my complete and honest suggestion. I haven't really posted even a comment on slashdot in years, but I felt that I should provide my in-depth knowledge on this topic. I am an Android enthusiast and have been well versed in other smart phone backends including the Maemo (which is an amazing device. Great choice!)

To begin, on iOS, Android and Maemo you can access a PPTP VPN with no additional effort.

Additionally, on Android and Maemo you can also connect to an OpenVPN based VPN gateway in the event you need stronger encryption. It is often recommended by security experts to avoid encryption such as those implemented within the PPTP protocol like MPPE (mschapv32). On the other hand, however, OpenVPN uses SSL based security which is very much praised throughout the technical company as being secure.

However, on both Android and Maemo there will be some setup time which will have to take place to get OpenVPN working. On the Maemo, it is as simple as installing the OpenVPN application. On Android, however, you will need to ensure that your phone is rooted and that your kernel either has built in TUN support or you may compile your own custom kernel from sources.

If your security is of utmost importance, then go ahead and take the steps to setup OpenVPN on your device. However, if you are just worried about your privacy and nobody is trying to break your encryptions, then PPTP may be enough for your purpose. Personally, I use PPTP when OpenVPN is unavailable.

Now, I would strongly recommend using a provider such as Private Internet Access ( URL: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ ) for a VPN service provider since they do in fact offer both PPTP and OpenVPN and also have gateways in both the US and Sweden. Another option would be to setup your own VPN gateway on one of your servers. Personally, I opted for a managed VPN account to avoid the headache. ;)

Hope this helps you timothy!

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