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Comment Re:publicly available, but... (Score 1) 847

Then look at it this way... how could she have gotten permission to do what she was doing? Could she have gone to a judge and said "I believe there is corruption or misconduct in this police force. I would like permission to follow them around and monitor them for any wrong doing."

This is basically what the police do when they want to stalk a private citizen. They get a warrant from a judge to stalk people.

Now, it appears she may have taken it a bit too far. But if there were a proper mechanism in place for the public to report on the actions of public officials (police, judges, senators, etc) it would make our government a lot more transparent, and possibly lower the instances of corruption and abuse of power.

Comment Re:They wouldn't have arrested her (Score 2, Interesting) 847

Kind of like Richard Armitage exposing an undercover agent? I believe her identity was classified information. Revealing classified information is against the law.

Oh wait, nothing happened to him for revealing classified information...

I guess it depends on who you are when you reveal the identity of an undercover agent.

Comment Re:Nothing (Score 2, Insightful) 247

Things like that are covered under Presidential Emergency powers. Just like making weather reports classified and making the U.S. Coast Guard a part of the U.S. Navy.

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Comment Re:Three words: (Score 1) 780

From the Navy textbook:

(c) Applications Software. Ensure that procedures are in place for routine backup of programs and documentation after any change or update. In addition to the working copy, it is recommended that three backup copies of all software be made to support a Contingency Plan. One backup copy is maintained at the working site. A second on-site copy is stored in a fireproof container in an area away from the normal processing area. A third backup copy is stored at an off-site location. It is recommended that a rotational backup system be used to ensure that no magnetically recorded file remains in a stored status for more than six months. Comparisons of files should be made prior to rotation. Verify any discrepancies to assist in preventing the introduction of viruses into backup copies.

(d) Data files. Data files required to support recovery operations (master files or data bases) must be maintained similarly to applications software. Implement procedures to ensure data files are backed up after each update. Maintained files in a manner which facilitates easy restoration of the system at the backup site.

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Submission + - Frind Works 10 Hour Week, Makes $10 Million a Year

Reservoir Hill writes: "The New York Times reports that Markus Frind built the Plenty of Fish Web site in 2003 as nothing more than an exercise to help teach himself a new programming language, ASP.NET. The site first became popular among English-speaking Canadians. Popularity among online daters in many United States cities followed more recently, and with minimal spending on advertising the site. According to data from comScore Media Metrix for November 2007, Plenty of Fish had 1.4 million unique visitors in the United States. In December, Mr. Frind said, the site served up 1.2 billion page views, and page views have soared 20 percent since Dec. 26."

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