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Comment Re:day 1 (Score 1) 229

Not before my time. Heck I remember using Archie/Gopher and Lynx in college :-)

I remember using Lycos and Excite. Then along came AltaVista and it was the best search engine ever ... that is until Google came out and blew everyone away. Sure there were others like Hotbot that came and went. Yahoo was originally a hand picked directory of websites. I never had any luck with AskJeeves. Dogpile basically compiled searches from other search engines and directories so that is why I don't consider it a search engine.

Comment Re:Apples vs. oranges (Score 1) 657

I just got the new version (Infinity) with the optional keyboard/battery. It is definitely the right form factor. Asus has a winner on their hands. They have announced a Win8 version so they will have the "other" tablet market covered. Heck, I think Lenovo announced a tablet w/ optional keyboard w/o battery.

Comment Re:Was it taken out of context? (Score 4, Interesting) 306

Metro on the desktop is fine if it is run as an app and has a dedicated monitor. :-) The desktop in Win8 should be full featured with Metro as an option. I can see Metro being used for kiosks maybe

Typical MS coming out with something totally new is that it always feels half baked. There is a reason why many people believe MS doesn't get things right until (at least) the third version.

Metro on the phones and tablets is another discussion entirely.

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